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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sympathy Sunday

Anne Boleyn did she die due to lies, or was she quilty of adultry, and incest?

I think King Henry VIII grew tired of her and people lied about her and stabbed her in back to get rid of her. She had intentions of being his mistress like her sister Mary, she meant to be his Queen. But whatever the truth is, she had to be scared to death.I feel for her, poor thing.

Anne Boleyn is related to me by: wife of brother-in-law of great grandson of my 19th great-grandfather.

Anne Boleyn's Grave

Anne Boleyn earrings

The House Anne grew up in Hever Castle

Anne Boleyn's Earrings

Queen Anne Boleyn

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Surname Saturday- Roger DeConiers

I am posting this because I have very little infomation and need to find some new resources .

Roger DeConiers wife Matilda Aiskby

I have no date or places for any events.
Their son Robert DeConiers married

Sibil Langton. They had a child named Robert Conyer who married Schastiaca DeCotum No dates or events for them

Their son was John Conyers born 1370 at Hornby Castle in Yorkshire, England and died 1429. He was married to Margaret St. Quintin born in 1380 in Brandsbutton, Yorkshire, England, died 1429.

I have no sources for this information, recieved it from

Seem the farther back in time you travel the harder the search is for records and confirmation on events.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Follow Friday: GenSmarts

GenSmarts Software

This is a automated genealogy research tool that will look at your genealogy programs data base and tell you where to look for additional resources.

It will analyze your data and show you where to look, it even connects you dirctly to the online source . This software is something every genealogist should have. It will help fill in the blanks of your family tree and will knock down those walls you have been picking at.

Thankful Thursday

     My Momma is the best in all the world. She has taught me how to be a giving and kind person. To always have God in my life and to forgive no matter what. To have unconditional love for everyone and never to judge others. I was raised to never see the color of someones skin but to look into their heart as a person and child of God.

   My dad was never home much due to making a living to provide for us. I have no idea how my mom raised us three kids with little money and mostly alone, but she did. She has been a big part of every church we've ever gone to and every community we have lived in.
   She was in Sweet Adelines, she started Holy Fools which was a group of clowns that clowned around for Christ at McCabe United Methodist Church, She even got 2 Governor's to declare April 1st as Holy Fools Day and got her picture taken with them and put into our local paper.
   She has been a huge part of the Red Cross in Peru, IL. First being a volunteer then training as a disaster worker and then doing the meals program. She was so good at it their hired her. But now with cut backs she's losing her job in September. I am sad for her, she loves that job plus it gives her and dad extra income.
   My mom had us kids involved in things as well. We took swimming lessons, got involved in school plays and church. Helped with the elderly. We were in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts.
   My mom also gave us memories of special times that were rather amazing. When we lived in Garden Grove, CA. Mom was in charge of the youth group and planned "Surprise Days" once a month we went somewhere special on a bus. Once we went to Disneyland, Sea World, Knotts Berry Farms. It was a true kids adventure.
   My mom also took us traveling, we took the Amtrak Train from Aberdeen, SD to Stockton, CA a 3 day trip. The conductor became my new best friend and I sang "This Little Chicky" and he gave me an Amtrak bag, I was super happy about that.
   Once my mom and her mom Dorothy took us to the Red Woods and Columbia, CA and panned for Gold. Now what kid can say that?
     We always watched tv and movies together as a family, we always ate our meals together as a family. Holidays and birthdays were always a big deal and celebrated with a bang.
   During all this time my mom always worked. She did Meals On Wheels, took care of several elderly people. She cleaned houses for people. I do not know how she did it all.
   She is 76 years old and is still clowning, working her job at Red Cross, works as an Usher at their local play theater. Is an election judge, involved in her church with many activities and takes care of 2 grandchildren on the weekends. She helped Gary Dahl with his campaign for State Senate (Illinois). He won by the way! My folks went to the Inauguration Ball

Yeppers that's my momma!!!!!

   In June of this year she had saved enough money from working to fly us out to California for a week to visit our family. That trip was a true blessing from God for both of us. We have become even closer and have a bond that's unbreakable.
   I love my mom with all my heart. That's something else she taught us, how to share our feelings, don't be afraid of getting hurt, if you do time will heal, if you don't your not living a full life that God has meant for you to live.

That's my Thankful Thursday.

God's Blessings to you all

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Child

My Wednesday Child are photo's I would like to give away to family members they belong to! here's some of children.

This must be a baby that died, there's no writting on photo

No writting on photo

No writting on photo

No writting on photo

Lislie Ryder written on front in pencil

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Tip

Are you struggling with a Brick Wall?

I would like to help you get rid of a few of those bricks.
   Let's look at some other information that may help knock our genealogy walls down and a few less bricks in the wall the better, Right!!!!
   Let's talk Homestead Records. Did you know President Lincoln signed the Homestead Act in 1862? This gave 160 acres of free land to men age 18 and older. But the person had to agree to cultivate the land for at least 5 years.
    Let's look at nonpopulation census. These are very informative when it comes to farming and manufacturing in the USA. It can give you clues as the types of bussiness were in your ancestor's community.
    Agriculture Schedules can give you insight to your ancestor's farm, You can learn what produce they planted or livestock they owned.
    Coroner's Records are a wonderful source, did your family member die from uncertain or unusual circumstances? like an accident like being burned, drowning, drug overdose, mine explosion, suicide, murdered, or criminal negligence?

I hope these tips will help make your brick wall a little shorter, and help you find more clues about your family and who they were.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Gwen's Gathering's are photo's I have bought over the years and would like to find a connectinon to the family member's, so I can send them the photo of their ancestor.

Here are some more of lost treasures to give away. Hope one is yours!

Written on front in pencil Aunt Dotie (I believe it's Dotie)

Nothing written on photo

Nothing written on photo

Wedding photo, nothing written on it

Written on back in pencil is: sent by James to Aunt

Nothing written on photo

Nothing written on photo

Nothing written on photo

Nothing written on photo

On back is stamped Howard, Nabraska City,

Stamped on back is Mrs. Footes Photographic Gallery, Lake Mills, Wis.
I am very sad I haven't had any matches yet, I was really hoping someone would of connected me by now saying one of these is their relative.

Sentimental Sunday: My Granddaughter

Introducing!! Miss Jada Marie Smith!!!!

My beautiful grandaughter!!!

Nana's Angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Gwen's Gatherings is about matching old photographs with a ancestor from today.
Are any of these your Ancestor's?

If so let me know I will gladly seen you the photo

Back of postcard is written to Mrs. Emily Ballows, Millington, IL

1910 is the post mark on this

To Miss Opal Ham Marysville, IN

Writen on the front in pencil I believe it says Aunt Dotie

Ernest & Hat Bidwell, written in pencil on front

Rictor Eager, written in pencil top right side

Ida Eager, I believe this is Rictor's wife or sister

Aunt Ellen written on back

Friday, July 22, 2011

Follow Friday: West Virginia

Here's a great genealogy website to check out for ancestors from West Virginia. This website is really awesome if you want to know the involvement West Virginia had in the Civil War. Bibliography is included. Plus both Confederate and Union units in Chronologies. West Virginia History link.
They have a Surname Exchange, Archives and History News, AfriGeneas: Afican Ancestored Genealogy, Cemeteries Collection, County Formations, Don Norman Files, Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild, and many Searchable Indexes and Records.

I am sure there's something for everyone who has ancestors in West Virginia.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday

Grandmother Dorothy Couch-Robertson's Handkerchief

My grama gave me this hanky when I married my second husband. She said it was old and she had it for a very long time. I do not know where it came from or how she acquired it. I will hand it down to one of my daughters when they get married. This is truly a treasure for my chest. Thanks gram!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Friday’s Faces from the Past: Waiting For Family

Here's some more photo's up for grab's, hope I can connect them to family!

They are a priceless treasure. 

Addressed to Mrs. Sarah Butler Malta, Il

Back of postcard picture from above

On back of card is written: Mr. & Mrs. Vieser

On back is written Mertie & Addie were Mary's Aunts, Cora a cousin

On back this is addressed to Miss Lorie Stone Walnut, Il

Back of card from above