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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday Mystery- Gov. John Haynes

My Mystery!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gov John Haynes

Gov John Haynes

I am trying to find a link between Gov John Haynes and my Haynes line. My grandmother Dorothy Couch- Robertson said we are related but darn if I can find that missing link.

Here's my Haynes line:

Sarah Francis Haynes born 15 May 1852 in Nicholas County, WV, died 8 Feb 1933 in Sioux City, IA. She Married Jacob Amick
13 Aug 1868 in Fayette County, WV.

Her father was Andrew Jackson Haynes born Dec 1848, died 1917 Nicholas County, WV. Married to Martha Campbell born 1829 Greenbrier County, WV, died 1859.
There children were:
Becky Ann Haynes born 1849, died 1932
Mary Elizabeth Haynes born 1854, died 1900 in Iowa City, Wright, IA
Mary Ellen Haynes born 1852, died 1936
Matilda C Haynes born 6 Jun 1858, died 26 May 1859 Fayette County, WV
Sarah Frances Haynes born 15 May 1852 in Nicholas County, WV, died 8 Feb 1933 in Sioux City, IA.
Elizabeth Haynes born 1859 WV, died 1940

Andrew Jackson Haynes & 2nd wife Tabbitha Suddeath

Andrew married a second time in 1859 Virginia City, Storey, WV. To Tabbitha Suddeath. She was born1832 in Charlottesville, Albemarle, VA. died 1915 Nicholas County, WV.
They had 11 children:

Fletcher Haynes born 5 Sep 1860 Fayette County, WV. died 1920 WV.
Ledonia Haynes born 1862 WV, died 1894 WV.
Eva Haynes born 1864 WV, died 15 JAn 1899 Nicholas County, WV.
Mary J Haynes born Jan 1865 WV.
Willie Haynes born 1866 WV.
Laura Haynes born 1868 WV, died 6 Sep 1937 Wilderness, Nicholas, WV.
Alice Haynes born 19 Aug 1872 Meadow River, Fayette, WV.
Robert L Haynes born 10 Oct 1874 WV, died 31 Mar 1961.
Thomas J Haynes born 1877 WV, died 24 Oct 1903 Anstead, Fayette, WV
Effie Haynes born 1879 WV, died 1886 WV.

Andrew Jackson Haynes' Parents:

Joseph Samuel Haynes born 1809 Union City, Monroe County, WV, died 11 Jan 1897 Russelville, Nicholas, WV. married 4 Aug 1830 Monroe County, WV to Isabella Bays born 1826 VA, died Fayette County, WV.
They only had one child and that was Andrew Jackson Haynes.
Joseph's 2nd wife was Eleanor Stuart born 1809 WV, died Sep 1848.
There chilren were:
Elizabeth Catherine Haynes born 11 Apr 1830
M.D. Haynes (male)
Jim Haynes
Henry Haynes
Sarah Haynes

Joseph Haynes Parents were:
Henry Haynes born 1774 Greenbrier County, WV died 1849 Fayette County, WV. Married Barbara Huffman 10 Sep 1805 in Monroe County, WV. She was born abt 1784 Greenbrier County, WV.
There children were:
Nancy Nancy Haynes born 1806 died 1847
Evangaline Haynes born 1807 Union City, Monroe, WV
Henry Haynes born 1808 Greenbrier, Alleghany, VA. died 1898 Fayette County, WV
Joseph Samuel Haynes
Barbara Haynes born 1811
George W Haynes born 1813 Monroe County, WV.
Marriage Bond of Henry Haynes, Jr. and Bersheba Hampton
March 22, 1768 , Bedford Co. VA Courthouse
From: Bedford Co. VA Courthouse

Know all men by these presents that we Henry Haynes and John Hampton are held & firmly bound unto our (words obscured by tape) of God (tape) Britain (tape) and Ireland King defender of the fourth (tape) sum of fifty pounds Curt. Money of Virginia. To the which payment will truely to be made unto our sovrign Lord of the King and his Heirs and (tape) by the presents sealed with our Seals and Dated this 22nd day of March 1768.

The condition of the above obligation is such that if there be no lawful casause to (tape) Whereas there is a Marriage (tape) entinded to be had & Solimnized between Henry Haynes, Jr. Batthelor, and Bershaba Hampton, Spinster if there be no Lawfull Cause to Obstruct the said Marriage then the above Obligation to be Void. (tape) Witness: Henry Haynes (seal); Jno. Hampton (seal); Js: Talbor.

Henry Haynes parents were:
Joseph Haynes born 1751 Botetout, VA died 1847 Monroe County, WV. Married15 Apr 1782 in Rockinham County, VA. To Barbara Riffle born abt 1755 in Rockingham County, VA.
There Children were:
Henry Haynes
John born 1788 Greenbrier, Alleghany, VA

Joseph Haynes parents were Isaac Haynes born 1720 Greenbrier, Alleghany, VA. and Catherine Diffenbough abt 1730 Alleghany County, VA. They were married 1745 in Allenghany County, VA.
There Childrren were:

Richard Haines born 19 April 1746 Saint Stephens, Northumberland, VA
Nancy Hanie born 4 June 1748 Saint Stephens, Northumberland, VA
Charles Haynes born abt 1750 Greenbrier, Alleghany, VA died 1849 Monroe County, WV
Milla Haynie born 14 Jan 1750 Saint Stephens, Northumberland, VA
Joseph Haynes born 1751 Botetourt, Va
Judathen Hanie born 31 Aug 1752 Saint Stephens, Northumberland, VA
Benjamin Haynes born abt 1755 Alleghany County, VA
Moses Haynes born abt 1760 Botetourt, VA
William Haynes born 1763 Alleghany County, VA

Isaac's parents were:
John Haynes born 1654 VA, 1723 Northumberland County, VA
His wife was Sarah Jane Waddy born 1670.
(Isaac is the only known child at this time)

John Haynes parents were:
Captain John Haynie born 2 May 1624 Bucks Roe, Elizabeth City, VA, died 22 Jul 1697 Saint Stephens, Northumberland, VA. He married Jane Morris born 1630 VA, died 1725 Northumberland County, VA,
There children were:
Ann Haynie born 1653 Sain Stephens, Northumberland, Va died 1692 France.
Anthony Haynie born 1654 Va, died 21 Jun 1710 sain Stephens, Northumberland, VA.
Elizabeth Haynie born 1660 Northumberland County, VA, died 1771 Richmond, Wise, VA.

Most Haynie researchers agree that the Haynie family can be formally traced to Capt. John Haynie and, some believe that Capt. John was the progenitor of the Haynie Family in America. However, there is evidence that supports the belief that the Haynie family was established in America by John Hayney who was born in England in about 1594. John Hayney came to the American Colonies on the ship "Margett and John" in 1621.1 He gave his age as 27 which would place his birth date about 1594. He appears in the referenced Index again with a date of 1624, age 272 and is first mentioned in Virginia land records in 1632:3

William Hampton, Planter, 50 A. At Buck Doe within the precincts of Elizabeth Citty, 12 March 1632. Abuting on a Cr. Parting same from land of James Bonal, Frenchman, Sly. towards the land of John Hayney, Planter, and Ely, upon Cr. Parting same from Point Comfort Island. Which 50 A. Was leased by Francis West 10 Dec. 1627.

John Hayney married Elizabeth Hayney who was born about 1581 and came to the Virginia colony on the ship "Abigail" in 1622; the ship record did not give her age. However, in a Northumberland County Court in April 1635, Elizabeth proved her age to be 54 which would make her some 13 years older than her husband.4 John and Elizabeth were probably married soon after her arrival in Virginia, or about 1622-23. This would allow for the birth of a son, also named John, in about 1624 which is believed to be Capt. John Haynie. A search of the records at the Virginia State Library found very few records covering the period 1621- 1650 and no record was found of the marriage of John Hayney or the birth of Capt. John Haynie.

Some Haynie researchers believe that Capt. John Haynie was born in England5 and that he came to America in about 1650 and, there are two references that are consistently used to support this belief. The first is in the Index of Immigrants and Naturalizations.6 Some believe that this reference proves that John Haynie immigrated to America in 1650, when actually the reference states that "he was an original grantee for 950 acres on 20 January 1650." The second reference used is in a 1991 Supplement to the same Index, which makes reference to a John Haynie as "a founder of a colonial family living in Virginia in 1650." 7 Neither reference gives a date of immigration, or the name of a ship, or a port of arrival.

In July of 1993, the records at the Virginia State Library in Richmond were searched for early records on Capt. John Haynie. The earliest record found was when Capt. John Haynie and others signed an oath of allegiance to the Commonwealth of England on 13 April 1652.8 This record also leads many to believe that Capt. John Haynie and the other signers of the oath had just arrived in the colonies, however, this is not proof. Research shows that this was a troubling time for England because she was without "King or House of Lords" and was primarily interested in ensuring the loyalty of the colonists. As an example, take the case of Nicholas Morris who also signed the oath to the Commonwealth of England on 13 April 1652. The evidence indicates that the Nicholas Morris family moved to Northumberland County, Virginia from Maryland in about 1650. 9 The Nicholas Morris family was another prominent Virginia family and a large land owner. The Morris and Haynie families are connected through the marriage of Jane Morris, daughter of Nicholas, to Capt. John Haynie.

After considering all of the available records, it is believed that Capt. John Haynie was actually born in Virginia, and that his father was John Hayney who immigrated to Virginia in 1621.
Index of Immigrants and Naturalizations, Surnames A-H. The index references: Musters of the Inhabitants in Virginia 1624/1625; Adventures of Purse and Person: Virginia, 1607-1625; by Annie Lash Jester & Martha Woodruf Hiden; Princeton University Press, NewJersey, 1956.

The Original Lists of Persons of Quality, 1600-1700; by John Camden Hotten, editor; Originally published in 1874; Reprint, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1974.

Northumberland County, Virginia Patent Book No. 1, page 136.

Colonial Residents of Virginia's Eastern Shore, who's ages were proved before Court Officials of the County; by William R.M. Houston, M.D. & Jean M. Mihalyba, Vol I, page 47; Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1085.

For example: A Haynie Genealogy, their 1650 Virginia roots, 1839 Texas trunk, nine limbs, many branches, twigs and leaves; by Loyce (Haynie) Rossman; Fredericksburg, Texas, 1963. Cover Title: Rev. John Haynie: Ancestry, life and descendants, 1650-1963.

Index of Immigrants and Naturalizations, Surnames A-H, which references: Grantees of Land in the Colony and State of Virginia, copied from County Records of Virginia; by Michael J. O'Brien; The Journal of the American Irish Historical Society, 13(1913-1914), pages 214-219.

Passengers & Immigration Lists Index, 1991 Supplement, which references: Founders of Early American Families, Emigrants from Europe, 1607-1657; by Meredith B. Colket, Jr.; General Court of the Order of Founders & Patriots of America, Cleveland, 1975.

This and other early records will be found in the discussion herein of Capt. John Haynie and his family under the First Generation of the Haynie Family.

Captain John Haynie's parents were John Haynie born 1590 England, died 1635 Charles City, Charles, VA. Married Elizabeth born 1851 in England, died 1635 Northumberland County, VA.

There Children were:
Edward Haynie Born 5 Mar 1620 Warwick, Kent, RI, died 17 Aug 1706, Providence, RI
Charle Haynie born 1635
Francis Inman Haynie

John Haynie's Dad was John Haynie born 1570 ,Devon, England.
That all I have so far. But I shall not rest until I find the link or dicredit my grandmother, I am sure granny knew what she was talking about, RIGHT?

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