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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sentimental Sunday

Old Family Photo's My Daddy Gave Me.
The first picture is of someone sweeping a swarm of bee's in a hive with a whisk broom at a farm. The person and farm are unknown at this time.
Kubberness Farm in Arlington, SD.
1941 Chevy that carried the Kubberness family through the war.

Tombstone Tuesday

Deacon Josiah Convers was born about 1618 in England and died 3 Feb 1690 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA. He is buried in the First Burial Ground in Middlesex County, MA. His father was Deacon Edward Convers.
Lieut. James Convers, Josiah's brother was born 29 Nov 1620 in England and died 10 MAy 1715 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA and was buried in Old Cemetery on Park Street in Woburn, MA.
He was honored by the town with it's principal offices, esteemed, and public-spirited citizen. The last survivor of the signer of the original town orders of 1640.

Monday Madness

My Couch Line:

My grandmother Dorothy Couch (Robertson) was born 8 Jan 1903 in Elgin, Anelope, NE and died 9 Apr 2001 in Stockton, CA. She told me a story of crossing the country in a covered wagon when she was small to move, but not sure to where.

Her Parents were James Baird Couch born 16 Oct 1874 in Hamburg, Fremont, Iowa and her mother was Cora Alice Amick born 12 Oct 1874 in LeMars, Plymouth, IA. He died 1 Jan 1908 in Elgin, Antelope, NE and She died 23 JAn 1968 in Arthur, Ida, IA

The Iowa State Census of 1885 shows James living in Floyd, Woodbury, IA and the Federal census of 1900 he was living in Freemont, Wheeler, NE.

James and Cora had seven children:

Carrie Phyillis Couch born 4 Dec 1897 in Bronson, Woodbury, IA and died 29 May 1926. She was never married.
Earl James Couch was born 20 Oct 1899 in Elgin, Anelope, IA and died 2 Oct 1982 in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA He married 21 Dec 1921 to Lena Harrietta Wohlert.
Raymond Jacob Couch was born 9 Jun 1901 in Elgin, Anelope, NE and died 29 Mar 1930 in IA.
Gladys Mae Couch was born 25 Dec 1904 in Elgin, Anelope, IA and died 25 Jan 1996 in LeMars, Ida, IA. She married Carl Wohlert (yes Lena was his sister) on 1 Jun 1940.
Goldie Mae Couch was born 6 Jun 1907 in , IA and died 5 Mar 1995 in Ida Grove, IA
She married Arthur Palm on 23 Feb 1934.
Jewell Berniece Couch was born 27 MAy 1909 in Sioux City, Woodbury, Ia and died 7 Nov 1989 in Casper, Natrana, WY. She first married Gilbert Garnhart then Duane William Renyolds.
Pictures: The first is of Cora Alice Amick, second Raymond Couch, Carl Wohlert, Earl & Goldie Couch. third is Dorothy, Gladys, Goldie & Jewell Couch. Fourth is Carrie Phyillis Couch and the last one is Emma, Carrie, Pete, Dorothy, Charlie, Conward, Earl, helen, Gladys, Josie.
The madness I have found with this line is the overwhelming amount of information I have found and keep finding.

Sentimental Sunday

We have a lot of tradition's in my family. We will start with Easter. We always go to church first then afterwards we look for our Easter baskets and have a huge ham dinner with all the fixings...I have passed this down to my kids and grandchildren.

4th of July we go to the parade in Mandan, ND, afterwards we go to Art in The Park and see the 100's of craft vendor's and foot vendor's. Around dusk they shoot off the big fireworks and we see all the beautiful colors in the sky.

Thanksgiving we start the day with ordurves and cheese and crackers then have a huge turkey feast. We watch the Macy's Parade on tv. Before we eat we each say what we are thankful for.

Christmas we set out milk and cookie for Santa and write him a note. The night before we each get to pick a present to open and then in the morning we pass out the presents and open them. We have ordurves setting out and egg nog and for dinner we have turkey or ham with all the goodies that go along with it.

I love to decorate for all the holidays and I am a huge scrapbook er and picture taker. I love to sew and do arts and crafts so the holiday are great for all these things. I am always looking for new projects to do with my grand kids and my daughter's.

Surname Saturday- Phiel line

The first two picture's are of Jeff and Brad Piehl children of Don and Barbara Piehl (Damm).
The third picture is of Delane Hanson daughter of Frank & Delores Hanson (Converse).
The fourth picture is of Bessie Damm (Converse), Lloyd & Laverne Converse & Ruth Kubberness (Converse) My Grandmother on my dad's side.
My folks came for a visit recently and my dad gave me a bunch of old photo's so I want to share them with you. The Converse, Whiting, Kubberness line I have been working on is complex because my dad was adopted by Ruth Converse & Fred Kubberness. Even though he was adopted by these wonderful people they are still our family and that's how it will always be. I did do some research in 1990 and found his real mom and sister's but I will save that story for Treasure Chest Thursday and display photo's with it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monday Madness

I have been So stuck on my Whiting line. it has me pulling all my long blonde hair out!!! But recently my folks came to North Dakota for a visit and my Dad gave me a stack of old photo's, and low and be hold there was a picture of my Great- grandmother Annabella Whiting.

I can not explain the thrill of finally seeing her face! It was amazing. I have it posted here.
She's Holding Douglas Converse and his sister, not sure of her name (Sorry).