Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hannah Eccleston

Hannah Ecclston
B. Jan 28, 1782 in Storingten CT
D. 1863
Mother was Catherine Fanning
B. Sep 8, 1762 in Storingten CT
David Ecclesten
B. June 18, 1755 in Storingten CT
D. Aug 20, 1843 in Preston, NY
He was in the Revolutionary war
Served in military 1831 in Albany, N.Y. he was 76 years old. He rejoined in 1836 in Albany N.Y. when he was 81
He was buried in Oxford, N.Y.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cousin's Are Important

I was blessed to have many cousin's. On my Mother's side I have 20 or more first cousin's that have grown into at least 100 2nd cousin's. I feel blessed having so many loved one's in our nest.

I would like to celebrate the relationship of COUSIN'S!!!!

Here's some of mine.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Trying To Connect Wright Line with The Wright Brothers

Henry Ward Wright was born 4th of March 1868 in Chickasaw, Chickasaw, Iowa. He died 20 Aug 1948 in Los Angeles, CA. He married Nellie Blanche Rose on 23 Jan 1895 in Glenwood,Mills Co,IA. She was born 16 May 1872 in Iowa and died on 1 Feb 1953 in Los Angeles, CA. 

Add Henry Ward Wright
His parents were 
Jessie Hoover Wright born2 Feb 1833 in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. He died 25 May 1915 in Little Rock, Lyon Co, IA. He married Sarah Fidelia Work born 6 Sept 1838 in Ohio and died 9 Mar 1902 in Red Oak, Montgomery, IA 
they were married 6 Aug 1857 in Preston, Filmore, MN.

Jessie Hoover Wright

Jessie Hoover Wright

Jessie Hoover Wright

Jessie Hoover Wright & Sarah Fidelia Work

Sarah Fidelia Work

Sarah Fidelia Work

Sarah Fidelia Work
I have been told there a connection to the Wright Brother's possibly through their sister Katherine. I have not found one as of yet and I have been tracing both lines trying to find this connection. I was even contacted by a physic who told me there is a connection and Katherine is waiting for it. Yes true story. As odd as it sounds I believe her she's a well known lady. Hopefully someone out there can help me out.

Until then I shall continue to research  and I know it will reviel itself sooner or later.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Harry Robertson

World War I Army Dog-Tags of Harry

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Julia May Olmsted

Julia May Olmsted was my Paternal Grandmother of wife of half 1st cousin 2x removed.

Yes and I am not going to even attempted to explain that confusing mess. We are related none the less.

Julia was born 26 May 1849 in Kendall,  Lafayette, WI.  She died 1 June 1888 in Grand Meadow, Cherokee, IA

Her parents were Nathan Olmsted born 17 Oct 1812 in Davenport, NY He died 5 April 1898 in Belmont, WI, his wife was Magdalena Teneyck born 15 Jan 1813 in Lebanon, NY. Died 16 Mar 1898 in Belmont, WI.

Nathan Olmsted was the postmaster in Kendall, WI he settled there soon after the founder James Kendle SR.


1880 U.S. Federal Census Grand Meadow, Cherokee, Iowa
Julia married Thomas Jefferson White he was born 1 Oct 1843 in Elk Grove, Lafayette, WI & died 19 Jul 1926 in Cherokee, IA

They had 5 children:

1) Nathan Arthur White b 7 Aug 1875 in Lafayette, WI
d 15 Dec 1968 in Nebraska City, NE

2) Magdalene White b 26 Oct 1878 in Cherokee, IA
d 4 Aug 1964 in Cherokee, IA

3) Rosa Edith White b 10 Nov 1881 in Cherokee, IA d 2 Feb 1882 in Cherokee, IA

4) Thomas Charles White b 16 Jun 1883 in Cherokee, IA d 21 Jan 1968 in Cherokee, IA

5) Bessie May White b 24 May 1888 in Cherokee, IA
d 1 Feb 1973 in Monona, IA