Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sibling Saturday: Robertson's Marry Thornton's

Marie Margaret Robertson was born 12 Aug 1899 and on 24 Nov 1915 she married Alphonse James Thornton born 4 sep 1889 Hubbard, NE . During their wedding they introduced Marie's sister Louise Cecelia Robertson born 10 sep 1898 in Sioux City, IA to Alphonse's brother Edward Joseph Thornton Jr. born 29 sep 1892 in Hubbard, NE

Marie Margaret Robertson

Alphonse James  Thornton 

And low and behold they married on 3 Sep 1917 in the same church, St. Boniface Catholic Church in Sioux City Iowa.

Louise Cecelia Robertson

Unfortunately I do not have a photo of Edward James Thornton.

Louise & Ed had 6 children together and long happy marriage he died in 1974 and she died in 1971
Marie & Alphonse had 10 children and a long happy marriage He died in 1959 and she died 1989

Friday, June 23, 2017

Family Friends Friday: Auntie Dee

When I was little living in Aberdeen, SD. My mom had a best friend named Dee Siert (Deanne Joyce Gates). They met at ceramic classes they attended. 

This is my mom holding my brother Ray and my Auntie Dee

To this day they still talk and share all their up's and down's

In 1979 Auntie Dee's son Dillon was killed in a grain elevator and died he was 18 years old. She believes he was murdered, something to do with drugs other people were doing that worked there or lived their. 

When she received the news of her son's death we had just moved from California to Bismarck, ND and my mom went to Aberdeen to be with her friend. 

I write her once or twice a year and I should write more. She had a huge influence on me as I grew up. I was close to her other children, Linelle & Delynn.

We visited several times over the years and had a great time catching up. I will always remember her kindness her funny wit and most of all her laugh.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Treasure Chest Thursday: Grandchildren

I have a treasure box and it's imaginary, but it holds 9 of the most beautiful treasurers you ever saw.
They sparkle like gems and they will dazzle your eyes. They will tickle your fancy and sometimes, blow your mind. 
Some are little some are big and there's even medium size ones.
They were all gift's from my 4 daughter's and the Heavens above. I keep them in my arms and in my heart.
I play with some, I teach them all the valuable lessons passed down from several generations and taught to me. 
I have special name that they all call me "NANA"
These treasure's are my grandchildren (a child of one's son or daughter.) and they are all my pride and joy. 

All I have ever wanted my whole life was to be a Mom, until I became a Nana. It has given me the chance to do things over and do them better. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

My oldest grandchild is Christopher Darrion Cook he is 10 years old and has the most loving and kindest nature about him. He is smart and he can build anything with Lego's (We might have an engineer or architect). He will be going into the 5th grade and he is very good at math.

Christopher Darrion Cook

 My next grandchild is Kayleigh Elizabeth Friday-Johnson
She is 9 years old and she loves to sing and can remember a song after listening to it once!

Then we have little Miss Olivia Marie Friday-Johnson who is 8 years old. She is the clown of all the grandchildren. She is funny and witty and full of life and sometime mischief. We have lots of fun pretending and having tea parties. She loves to model the clothes Nana sews for Generations Boutique.

My next Princess is Jada Marie Smith. She is curious about everything and asks lots of questions. She gives great hugs and cares about people's feelings. She is also the mother hen of the bunch, making sure all her little chicks are in a row. She's 8.

Next is Brooke Lynn Whittington also 8 years old (We were a busy bunch of people that year). She is funny and goofy and loves to snuggle with Nana and watch tv. She is my only grandchild that lives far away, Baltimore, MD. I miss her all the time and wish they would move back so I can spend more than a few days a year with her.

Next in line is Naviah John Friday-Johnson, he 7 years old and he is funny and very loving. He gives Nana big hugs and he tells me he prayed for me when he thinks I need it. This melts my heart and shows me he is paying attention in Sunday School when I take him. He and Christopher are best Buds.

Then we have Naziah Carmello Smith, this little guy has a great imagination. I spilt some tiny decorative rocks from a pot and they landed in the dirt in front of our front porch and Nayziah found the tiny little things and brought me a few and said they were his dinosaur eggs and I had to protect them. So I went into the house and found a small box that held some jewelry at some time and put his eggs in it. He was so proud of those dinosaur eggs, I still have them. He is going to be 5 in November.

Well only 2 more left and they were born only a few weeks apart.

Johnell Jamel Coley III but we call him Jamel. He is currently going through his terrible 2's and Nana watches him while Mommy works. I have my hands full. But this little guy is as smart as they come. He was talking at 6 months old say up and Nana. He also wants it now, there's no waiting. LOL
But he has Nana wrapped around his finger, but he has to mind me. We play together everyday and he loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Hey Duggee. He will be 2 in July.

His shirt says it all!

Last but not least is Jordan Paul Smith he will be 2 in August. He is tiny but he runs like a quarterback with a purpose. He has the cutest giggle and he gives Nana kisses and he will tease you with them sometimes you will get one other times he goes to give you one and turns his head and laughs.

Look at those eyes!!!!

                                This is my Treasure Chest

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday’s Child: Ruth Beverly Wood

                   My beloved little 2nd cousin 1x 

Ruth Beverly Wood was born on 26 Jun 1923 in Rock Valley, Sioux, Iowa. She was born to Maude Ethel Warren & Howard Clendenon Wood. She was their 3rd child.

She died when she was 3 years old in 1927 in Hull, Sioux, Iowa. I have no idea as the cause. I did notice from her photo she has Down Syndrome, but that should not of caused her death. She is buried in Hope Cemetery. I created a Findagrave Memorial for her but have not yet gotten a photo of her grave.

Ruth Beverly Wood

   Isn't she a doll? How awful it must of been for this poor mother.                

Ruth with her siblings, Lucile Ethel Wood & Kenneth Howard Wood

The wood family

Maude Ethel Warren and her family had really gone through some troubling times.
You can see my other blog posts about the Warren/Robertson family.
Breaks my heart.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday Tip: Write It Down!

Over the last few weeks I have been working on my genealogy and organizing my Family Tree program. There was an update about a year ago the wiped out some branches of my tree. I always back it up but I can not find it anywhere. So I basically started all over, UGH.

I decided to download Rootsmagic and have two programs plus 2 online trees. One on Ancestry and one on

As I have been doing this huge undertaking, I am very thankful I had printed out most of my family on family group sheet and pedigree charts and filed them in file folders and put in plastic filing totes (The hugh one's). 

I am learning to add sources to my program in the Note feature  but I am also keeping a 3 ring binder with dividers for each surname. And a pedigree chart.

I honestly think it was easier doing genealogy by mail. Yes I am old school and I remember sitting and writing 20 letters a week for documents and records for my family history. There nothing more exciting than seeing the mail lady bringing up a pile of letters you know are about your ancestors. 

Although I can copy and past sources easier than writing it all down. I find it's still worth while to keep a notebook.

I started send data sheets once a year to family members to add children and grandchildren and marriage & divorce information. 

I keep my Family Data Sheets in here but it's getting full

 I am an organizing freak LOL But it pays off in the long run.
So make sure you always write it down.
Please share your organizing ideas. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Military Monday: Jeremiah Becker

                        My 4th Great Uncle

Jeremiah Becker enlisted at Elgin, Illinois as a Private on 14 August 1862 in Company E of the 127th Illinois Infantry. He was mustered out on 5 June 1865.

Jeremiah applied for a Civil War invalid's pension on 27 October 1870.

Jeremiah Becker was born 17 May 1817 in Sharon, NY and died Jan 1907.
He had several occupations Boatman, Farmer and a lighthouse keeper. His first wife was Harriet Lamphere they separated between  1860 and 1870.  They had four children. Jeremiah was married on 11 January 1882 in Burdickville, Leelanau County to Betsy Ann (Stricklin) Minkler. Jeremiah was living in Traverse City in 1890 and was reported to suffer from general debility and deafness. He was living in Traverse City in 1894.

Betsy Becker died from heart disease on 18 January 1895 in Traverse City. She is buried in Oakwood Cemetery.

On 5 June 1900, Jeremiah was a pensioner living with the Albert Donner family at 103 N. Spruce Street in Traverse City.

Jeremiah died in January 1907 in Brewerton, Onondaga County, New York. He was buried in Pine Plains Cemetery in Clay, Onondaga County, New York. His first wife Harriet Becker died on 18 March 1911 in Alden, Freeborn County, Minnesota.

Jeremiah and Harriet (Lamphere) Becker were the parents of four children:

1. E MATILDA BECKER was born circa 1845 in New York
2. C E BECKER was born circa 1851 in New York.
3. MARTHA C BECKER was born circa 1854 in New York.
4. WILLIAM H H BECKER was born circa 1857 in Illinois.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday’s Obituary: William Small

Killed by Lightning- Mr. Wm Small
A farmer living about three miles of St. Charles, was instantly killed by lightning on Saturday afternoon last at about 3 o'clock. He was in the field at the time engaged in harvesting barley, his son driving the harvester, while he himself was putting the grain in shocks. A sudden storm coming up, he told his son to go to the barn with the team, while he would shook the small amount of grain remaining and go to the house. The son did as directed, After the storm passed-in which there was great electrical display- Mrs. Small inquired where her husband was, but could not ascertain from any of the children. The son then went to the field and found his father lying prone upon his face, dead. He had finished capping the shocks and had evidently started for the home when he was struck with the fatal bolt. The lightning struck him on the back of his head, passing down the spinal column, and cut at his boots, which were cut and disfigured. His back was greatly discolored. 
Mr Small was 44 years of age. He was born in Ireland, we believe-at least he was of Irish parentage. When the war broke out, he volunteered and served over three years in the army, being a gallant soldier. After the war was over, he married Miss Sophia Talbot, daughter of Wm. Talbot, sr., of St. Charles, and lived a short time at Pickwick, in this county. Subsequently he owned a farm near Quincy, but sold it and bought the one where he met his death. He was an honest and industrious man and a good neighbor and citizen. He leaves a wife and three children- a son, now of age and two daughters.
The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon, and was attended by a large concourse of people. The remains were interred in Hillside cemetery.
Rev. Mr. Kidder officiated.

He actually had 4 children

Charles William Small
Minnie Sophia Small
Lillie Belle Small
Agnes Small

William Small, Company D, 7th Regiment Minnesota Volunteers

                     My relation to him: Husband of Sister-in-law of 1st cousin 3x removed