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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

The Kubberness Clan came to America 21 Sep 1888 on the ship "Trave" from Bremen Germany/ Southampton-New York
My Grandfather Frederick use to tell people he learned to walk on water, because he was born 1 Nov 1887. He learned to walk on while on the ship to America.
The grave stone shown here is in Pecatonica, Illinois.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday Madness

Every family has it's skeleton's in their closets, mine is no different, except It doesn't bother me that people know about them. After all I have a Mom who's a Clown and a Dad who's a Lay Minister. So if there are nuts and crazy people in our family tree then I guess they are in our genes as well, and so be it!

My Amick/Copenhaver line is one of these. Let me give you some family information before I get to the story.

Samuel Amick married Mary Copenhaver 25 Mar 1841 in Summerville, Nicholas County, West Virginia. They had 14 children. That alone could drive a Lady crazy, right?

Once upon a time Mary and her son Sayeth, her youngest child. Went for a walk in the woods and came to a stop at the Meadow River. A relative of theirs Joseph Haynes had a Mill dam along this very same river.

I don't know what possessed Mary to walk to the river on 2 May 1874 and drowned herself and her son. But that is precisely what she did. Maybe she was thinking she had enough or maybe Sayeth was sick and was going to die and she couldn't bare it. I don't know, maybe she was just insane. Whatever the reason it went with her to her grave. when I meet her in the after life I will be asking her, "What the Hell were you thinking?"

Friday, January 22, 2010

Follow Friday:

I have been a volunteer on for about 10 years now. This web site is a wonderful place to find your relatives graves. I have also gone to cemeteries around North Dakota and recorded them onto this site.

If you have never gone here or heard of this site before now would be a great time to check it out. You never know one of your family members may be on there. You can leave notes and virual flowers.

I thinks it's a great thing if you can't travel to the place where your family are buried. You can also request photo's to be taken of graves.

Some have photo's of the person or family photo's. Some have Obituaries. There's a wealth of information here. If you can not find a ancestor you can set up a virtual memorial or if you know where they are buried you can add them to that cemetery. 

And if you love to visit cemeteries you can take photo's for others.

So follow me to and see what ancestors we can find, I love a good treasure hunt.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday

I am sure everyone has a tresure chest of some sort, filled with very special momento's from memories gone by. My speical treasure chest isn't in a box or closet or stored in a hope chest. My treasure is my "Momma". She is very special and dear to me. She has taught me that family is very important and friends are to be valued and loved. That people come from all walks of life and not to judge others.

She taught me my faith in God and what it means to be a Christian.

My mom is a professional clown!!! Yes you heard me right a clown. Can you imagine being a teenager in high school and your mom picking you up in her clown clothes and make-up? I was so embarassed. But I have learned to except that my mom is different and special than other mom's.

She started the Holy Fools in Bismarck, ND at McCabe United Methodist Church in 1979. They were Clowns for Christ. She even went to the Govenor and had April 1st declared as Holy Fools Day, ever year until she moved to Illinois in May of 1985.

Since then she has been in parades and helped Gary Dalh the senator of Illinois with his campaign and she's been in the Clown Hall of Fame.

I am very proud of my mom! She is devoted to her church and helps with the Upper Room Prayer Chain. She was a volunteer at their local Red Cross until a job opening came available and they asked her to fill the spot.

My folks have been Foster parents and helped with various local Youth Groups.

My mom was born n May 1935 and she hasn't slowed down one bit. "Momma I love you, you are the best"!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wedensday

My Dad is a very wise man who can read a book and years later tell you all about it. He was born in Hills, MN in 1932 and was adopted by Ruth Gwendola Converse and her husband Frederick William Kubberness. In 1990 or so I started to look for his biological family and found his sister's and an Aunt. They had been looking for him ever since their mother's death in 1989. Since then they have had a reunion and keep in touch. It was something I had always wanted to do for my dad.
Knowing how important your roots are made me realize that not everyone knows there's, which is sad. But good things can always come from searching and finding the treasure chest you have been looking for. It did in this case, so never give up on those road block you encounter, just go around them an keep your adventure alive. You'll find what your looking for, or maybe it will even find you.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Family History of Surnames

Kubberness, Robertson, Amick,Haynes, Couch, Copenhaver, Converse, Whitting, Baird, Becker, Cavit, Bliss, Cown, Potter, Wyant, Wilinson, Campbell, Stuart, Cunningham, Tetrick, Riffle, Wilson, Huffman, Barnett, Kuttenkuler, Gibbons, Case, Fay, Boeshaar, Moore, Lindsay, Boyd, Douglas, Hepburn, Wallace, Weider, Bestgen, McBride, Gragg, Eagon, Propst, Holsapple, St. Quintin, and many more.

Organizing Your Genealogy

The hanging files I use are helpful to keep all my records in, I protect them in clear protector sheets. To keep tract of the records I have so I don't duplicate them, I keep a index card file with the person's name and chart number on them and a list of all the documents. I also keep a list in my Family Tree Maker. I use the large index cards white ones for the surname and for their kids I use the colored index cards.When I number the kids I use the ancestor number and the number from the order the child was born. For example If I was working on my grandfather Frederick William Kubberness he is number 4 on my pedigree chart and his child (my Aunt) Betty Rae Kubberness, she would be 4-2, I use his chart number then the 2 because she was the second child born. easy right? Then I can write what records of hers I have acquired onto that index card. I get creative using pink and purple for the girls and yellow, blue and green for the boys. I use these numbers on everything from my index cards to my Family Tree Maker. This really helps keep me organized. I also scan all my records,death cert, and such into my Family Tree Maker. You can never be to care with these and you never know what can happen in terms of losing them in a fire or something and it would be awful
Here is a cool old form you can download and use.
 to have to start all over. I have 28 years invested in my genealogy. I keep it in paper form and on my laptop and on a removal disk drive.

Well folks I hope this helps you in your quest, happy treasure hunting until next time.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Organizing Your Family Tree

I have found what keeps my genealogy organized help's me find what I need whenever I want to make a trip to the Archives Library. I keep a folder just for this purpose. I will print out from my Family Tree Maker which line I would like to reasearch that day and put it in my folder along with large sticky notes and a small note pad. This way I can put whatever photocopies I make into my folder without them getting bent.

I also use a filing system, I read this when I first got started and have converted it a little to suit my needs. I have hanging folders with surename ancestry chart # on them. I keep all my documents in them, death records, Birth Records and a print out of the Family Group sheet and Individual sheet.

In three ring binders I have one for each surname that i use for my reasearch and just grab them with my folder to take with me when I do reseacrh. I put copies of records in these so I have them with me on a research adventure.

This is my first part of organizing my records.

Most Journey's End With A Destination, Mine Ends With A Beginning

This is the beginnig of my first blog, I have been doing Genealogy for 28 years, I would like to start with organizing records and files, all question's are welcome and remember there is no such thing as a dumb question, that's what my daddy tells me.