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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday

Louise "Lucy" Teresa Becker

Louise "Lucy" Becker was born 17 May 1874 in Tipton, Moniteau, MO, died 28 Jan 1950 in Tipton, Moniteau, MO. She was married to Louis Gustaw Imoff born 1877, died 15 Apr 1956 Tipton, Moniteau, MO.

I have not found any information on Lucy that she was ever married or had children. The search still continues on those events of her life. Although in my research there is a Imoff who married a Becker female, He was a local undertaker who worked with a Kuttenkuler who owned the local Ambulance service. Kuttenkuler is Lucy's mom's madien name.

So as I find these link to my holes in this wall I will keep you posted. As for now we will focus on Lucy. Her parents were John henry Becker and Margaret Helen Kuttenkuler. In 1920 Lucy lived with her brother John Conrad Becker in Carrollton, Caroll, MO according to the census of that year. I will have to do some further investigating on this matter.

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  1. Her death certificate is here:

    Good luck in your search!