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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Surname Saturday-Peters

Today I would like to talk about my Dad's real mom's line. My dad was put up for adoption in 1933. His real mother Dorothy Mary Peters was born 13 June 1914 in Sheridan, WY. her folks were Martin Richard Peters born 22 Oct 1878 in Bartion, WI and died 19 Sept 1947 in Edgmont, SD he married Mary Louise Sack on 27 Jan 1910 in Sheridan, WY. She was born 25 Feb 1887 in St. Mary's, KS and died 18 Jan 1972 in Topeka, KS.

My Dad's real father is unknown but is believed to be a man Dorothy later married. Thomas Austin Melton. they married 14 Jul 1933 and my dad was born 17 Jul 1932 in Hills, MN. Dorothy died 6 Jan 1989 in Merced, CA. Her and Thomas had the following children. Dorothea Diane Melton born 25 Mar 1934 and died 2 Oct 2003, Sandra Loretta Melton, Mary Catherine Melton and Judith Marie Melton.

I had a conversation with my dad when I was in my early 20's and asked him if it would be OK to try and find his mom. He agreed and I contacted a National Adoption Registry. It just so happens his sisters also had contacted the same agency and before we knew it they met on the phone and then a few months later my folks planned a trip and meet them all including Dorothy's sister Catherine. what a wonderful genealogy discovery.

My new Aunt Judy sent me information on her mother's line and I started tracing it immediately. Wow what fun to have three lines to trace.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Follow Friday: Dee Welborn

Dee Welborn or Texas Dee, Is my suggestion for following. She is a very warm and wonderful Lady, with a heart the size of Texas. One of her blogs Funeral Cards and Genealogy is an awesome blog. I really enjoy learning about the old things that life offered once and here you can learn all about them. This is also on Facebook.

Dee and I met on Facebook and friended one another. She has designed a beautiful background for my blog we just haven't figured out how to get it to work. I am still trying Dee.

Please check out her beautiful blog. Love you Dee you're a gift from God.

Treasure Chest Thursday

Samuel H Amick born 2 Dec 1818 in Pendelton County, West Virginia. My 3rd Great- Grandfather.

John Haynes My Great-Great Uncle

Charles McKnight & wife Mary Amick, The names of their are unknown at this time.

Jacob Amick & wife Sarah Frances Haynes, Children Theodore 7 Mattie Amick.

Jacob Amick, Sarah Frances Haynes and daughter Mattie.
Jacob and Sarah are my 2nd Great- Granparents.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Christopher Darion Cook My Grandson: The apple of Nana's eye. Our weekend at the farm in Devils Lake, ND

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday

Adam Potter was born 1722 in Pennsylvania and died Jan 1870 in Allegheny, Somerset, Pennsylvania. He was married to Nancy Secrist born 1744 in Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania and died 1865 in Lewis, Kentucky. they had 7 children. Juliette Potter the second oldest was my 3rd great-grandmother.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

My Father was adopted by Frederick William Kubberness and his wife Ruth Gwendola Converse. I started looking for his real parents and was too late. His mother was Dorothy Mary Peters born 12 June 1914 in Sheridan, WY and died 6 Jan 1989 in Merced, CA. His father is unknown. Here are the images of a letter Fred and Ruth got from the Chirldren's home and the original adoption papers. I did however find Dorothy's sister Catherine and four of his sister's.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Marriage Records problems

I have found that I have had special problems with marriage records. Over 30% of marriage records in the United States are incomplete. Many of the returns were never submitted to the civil authorities and many have been lost.
I have also found them to be inaccurate. Some information was deliberately falsified by the groom and bride for reason's unknown. The clerks often entered the date of the marriage at the time the license was issued in stead of waiting for the return so it would lighten up their workload.
Marriage records were issued and held by the town and county jurisdiction before state registration was establish. Most records are indexed by the surname of the groom.
If anyone else has issues with marriage records please tell us, maybe we can all work together and iron out these issues and see if there's a way to research these records and find ones we can not.