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Friday, May 29, 2015

Gabby West: Women of North Dakota Series

Gabby West was born on 5 March 1985 in Los Angles, CA; she graduated from Century High School in Bismarck, ND in 2003. She attended one semester at North Dakota State University, majoring in English Literature , and a year at a university in Bozeman, MT. In 2005 she was a production assistant on the TV mini-series Into The West. In 2006, she played Suzy in the short film New Beginnings. In 2007, she moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue an acting career.That same year she also appeared in the short film Linda, as in Beautiful and was a production assistant for the film 3:10 To Yuma.
In 2008, she guest starred on Tim and Eric Nite Live while being a production assistant for both the TV mini-series Comanche Moon and the film Appaloosa. In 2009, she appeared in Bruno as a German and then was cast out of 36,000 applicants on VH 1's reality series Scream Queens and later won a role in the 2010 horror film Saw 3D. West was originally cast in the 2011 remake of Fright Night but she dropped the role, telling Dread Central, "I was cast in Fright Night (the remake), but unfortunately the role changed, and what they wanted me to do, I wasn't willing to do". West was cast in the Tim Sullivan  segment of I was a Teenage Werebear, She plays Peggy Lou a "60′s era, Sandra Dee character who goes crazy"
As of currently I could not find out much more about her.

I am huge fan of Horror movies and yes I own all the "Saw" movies. I must say I loved 3:10 To Yuma, I own it. Thought she did great job acting in that one. Look forward to seeing what else she stars in.

Kam Haskin : Women of N.D. Series

Kam Haskin was born 8 May 1973 in Grand Forks, ND. She is well known for her role on Sunset Beach, 7th Heaven and The Prince & Me.
She began her career as a model, traveling to both Greece and Japan for a variety of photo shoots.

The oldest child of Karen and Daryl Heskin, Kam graduated from Grand Junction High School in 1991, and occasionally does work as a substitute teacher. She is also a 
writer living in Los Angeles who originally hails from the red state of Colorado. Over the past two years, she has written a comedic screenplay, a series of sardonic cartoons about the entertainment industry, as well as starting a humorous op-ed blog on a variety of topics called She is also a contributor to Genlux Magazine and has been referred to as a con-temporized Candace Bushnell.

Her mother was an actress also and I tried to find out more about her but was unable to at this time.

She beautiful and smart I wish her all the best in her successes. Hope to see her in a few more movies in the future. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Angie Dickinson: North Dakota Women Series

Angie Dickinson born as Angeline Brown on 30 Sept 1931 in Kulm, ND. one of 3 daughters. Her father was a newspaper editor and moved the family to California when she was 10. 
Angie went to college at Glendale and worked as a secretary.
Her break into movies was a big one starring with John Wayne in Rio Brovo.
She was in 89 films & tv movies.
My favorite was "Police Women", she played "Susanne Pepper" sexy, sassy and had a gun, I never missed an episode.
Angie married Burt Bacharach a composer. They had a daughter in 1966 names Nikki. She had Asperger's was diagnosed at age 27, at age 40 she committed suicide in 1994. It broke Angie's heart. A failed marriage and a loss of a child would break any of us. I wont write about anymore of her pain, as I am not wearing her shoes. I do feel the pain but could not imagine having a loss so great.
I have lost loved ones and a grandson who lived 6 hours, but this is a tragedy.

More movies like Pay It Forward with Kevin Spacey  2001. One of my favorite movies about passing on your heart and giving to others.
Dearest Angie I am a huge fan and my regards and best wishes go out to you.
I hope to see you in many more movies.


Rio Bravo with John Wayne

 She is a very classy Lady

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Elizabeth Badine: North Dakota Women Series

Elizabeth Bodine (1898–1986) was an American humanitarian who was given the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award in July 1979 in recognition of the International Year of the Child. She was honored as Mother of the Year for both the state of North Dakota, and the entire country, in 1968. She spoke German as her first language. Bodine spent many years volunteering to assist the Native American population in the Belcourt-area. Bodine contributed clothing and food to her relatives in Poland during World War II and sent boxes of clothing to Vietnam. Bodine was the mother of 18 children, each of whom received a post-high school education. Her ten sons received college degrees, and six of her daughters attended college while the other two daughters received business training. For 26 years, including ten summer sessions, one or more of her family was enrolled at Minot State College.

She was an amazing lady and mother. A giving women to her community and beyond. She had no limits. 

Paula Broadwell: North Dakota Women's Series

Paula Broadwell, raised as Paula Kranz, born 9 Nov 1972 in Bismarck, ND. She attended Century High School and was the Homcoming Queen and Valedictorian in 1991. All State Basketball player and inducted into Century High School Hall of Fame in 2006. 

She has many great accomplishments, graduating from U.S. Military Academy at West Point with a Bachelor of Science Degree in engineering and political geography, Master of Art degree in International Security from the University of Denver's Josef Korkel School of International Studies in 2006. Master of Public Administration degree from J.F.K. school of Government ar Harvard in 2008. She has written for the New York Times & Boston Globe Times.
She co-authored a book with Vernon Loeb called All In: The Education of General Petraeus.

I was doing re-search on her for my blog piece Women in North Dakota a series I have been doing. I was astonished at this ladies achievements and in awe that many things I found were all negative, because of a poor decision over a man. Well what women couldn't relate to that and why hold it against her? 

If I had to carry a gun and go to war she can be right next to me and would be proud, and she shoot!!!!

I hope she is proud of her self and continues to accomplish great thing in her life. She is married and 2 son's. 

The media gave him Hell for staying by her side but I think he honor's his vows and loves his family.

Her scandal may have hurt but has not broken. I will not re-hash her hurtful life moments you can google it.

I just want people to know that no one is perfect and we all learn from our mistakes.

Paula to you!!!! I am very honored that you came from my neck of the woods and as we both know, there's no place like North Dakota, the people are friendly and we have morals and standards, we come from hard working families and we know how to have fun. 
Here's me wishing you a quieter life with more family time, take good care of those boys.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sally Fraser: North Dakota Women Series

Sally Fraser was born 12 Dec 1932 in Williston, ND. Her father bought a feed store moving his family to the Canoga Park area of L.A.

Sally sang for a local Tv Show and afterwards was encouraged to take acting classes.
Anderson grew up in Jamestown, N.D., graduated from the University of North Dakota and taught school in Minnewaukan, N.D. Fraser was born in Williston, N.D., and later lived in Grand Forks. She was a beautiful and talented actress whose promising career got sidetracked when she became typecast as a “scream queen” in science-fiction monster movies.
She has been in a variety of low budget sci films along with some westerns. 
In March 1959, the movie “Roadracers,” featuring Sally, was released. She was then contacted by director Alfred Hitchcock to appear in a minor role in “North by Northwest.” After honoring her commitment to play a prostitute in the movie “Elmer Gantry” in 1960, Sally decided it was time to spend more time with her family. The film “Dangerous Charter,” in which she received star billing, was released in 1962.
She eventually married Allan Johnson in 1955 and lives in Idaho. 

What a lovely lady. Maybe I can meet her someday and trace her family history. What a delight. I watch several of her movies on You Tube. She was a gem.

You can check out her long list of films at link below.

Clint Walker & Sally Fraser on set of "Cheyenne:The Trap" 1956
A photo that sold on Ebay with a written note from actress

Movie Dangerous Charter

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mimi Wedell Actress Series: North Dakota Women

Mimi Wedell Actress

Born as Marion Rogers on 15 Feb 1915 and died 24 Sep 2009 in Manhattan, NY

Mimi was known best as Standford's grandmother in Sex & the City. She also did a fabulous documentary called "Hats off", she was in the movie "Hitch" and and other shows like Law & Order. Other movies were The Thomas Crown Affair and The Purple Rose of Cairo. She started her career in acting later in life after the death of her husband, she was in her 60's.

What a delightful character and loved life. Her MOTTO was "Rise Above It" and that she did. She was taking gymnastics and dance classes well into her 90's. She was a model and dancer. She had well over 150 hats! 

She did ad's for Louis Vuitton & Juicy Couture. 

Just look at the wonderful photo's of her and you just fall in love with her charismatic personality and love for life. I watched her in the video below and I was not just amazed by her beauty but her spice and zest for life. I would of loved to have had tea with her and asked her what it was like leaving little town of Williston, ND for Manhattan. 

Mimi my hat is off to you my dear and all your achievements. It doesn't matter your age in life if you have a dream reach for the STARS as Mimi did.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nancy Christenson-Hendrickson

I decided to do several posts about North Dakota women. These women are not relatives of mine but all hold a special place in my heart for the things they had accomplished in their time.      

The above link is a book called Leaning into the Wind: Women Write from the Heart of the West. by Linda M Hasselstrom, Gaydell Collier & Nancy Curtis. one of which lived in Nancy's house five years after her death.

Nancy Christenson-Hendrickson

The first women I would like to mention is Nancy Christenson-Hendrickson she was born 26 Feb 1886 and came to live near Mandan, ND where I live!!! She was a smart whimsical character that has touched me with her clever ideas.

She had no formal education. She did everything from farming, sewing, and amateur meteorologist. She was from a large Swedish family being the seventh child. That would keep one busy.

She claimed her own homestead and built a house on it. Being a widower and having no children, she helped her neighbors with theirs. She collected coins, and samples of sand from all fifty states.

In 1902 she bought her first Kodak box camera for 3 cents. The kit included instructions on how to develop the photo's.

After the passing of her father she helped her mom on the farm taking in sewing as extra income. Then she got this wonderful idea of sewing little clothes for her pets which included dogs, cats and rabbits. She would created little scenes and put the pets in them and take their photo's. And by golly it worked, in the 1920's the Minneapolis Tribune, Denver Post and New York Times published her photo's. What an ingenuous idea!

Nancy Christenson-Hendrickson

Before she died in 1978 she donated a collection dating from 1892-1977 including diaries, A guide book to the New York World's Fair 1939, ration coupons 1945, Weather Bureau Stat's 1952-1972 and almost 300 glass slides and negatives.

One photo she took of the Bismarck Capitol after the fire.

The above link is for the Bismarck Historical Society

I am tickled to have learned about this wonderful dynamic women. I hope other's enjoy her story as mach as I have. How did she get those animals to pose for her???