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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Angie Dickinson: North Dakota Women Series

Angie Dickinson born as Angeline Brown on 30 Sept 1931 in Kulm, ND. one of 3 daughters. Her father was a newspaper editor and moved the family to California when she was 10. 
Angie went to college at Glendale and worked as a secretary.
Her break into movies was a big one starring with John Wayne in Rio Brovo.
She was in 89 films & tv movies.
My favorite was "Police Women", she played "Susanne Pepper" sexy, sassy and had a gun, I never missed an episode.
Angie married Burt Bacharach a composer. They had a daughter in 1966 names Nikki. She had Asperger's was diagnosed at age 27, at age 40 she committed suicide in 1994. It broke Angie's heart. A failed marriage and a loss of a child would break any of us. I wont write about anymore of her pain, as I am not wearing her shoes. I do feel the pain but could not imagine having a loss so great.
I have lost loved ones and a grandson who lived 6 hours, but this is a tragedy.

More movies like Pay It Forward with Kevin Spacey  2001. One of my favorite movies about passing on your heart and giving to others.
Dearest Angie I am a huge fan and my regards and best wishes go out to you.
I hope to see you in many more movies.


Rio Bravo with John Wayne

 She is a very classy Lady

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