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Friday, May 15, 2015

Mimi Wedell Actress Series: North Dakota Women

Mimi Wedell Actress

Born as Marion Rogers on 15 Feb 1915 and died 24 Sep 2009 in Manhattan, NY

Mimi was known best as Standford's grandmother in Sex & the City. She also did a fabulous documentary called "Hats off", she was in the movie "Hitch" and and other shows like Law & Order. Other movies were The Thomas Crown Affair and The Purple Rose of Cairo. She started her career in acting later in life after the death of her husband, she was in her 60's.

What a delightful character and loved life. Her MOTTO was "Rise Above It" and that she did. She was taking gymnastics and dance classes well into her 90's. She was a model and dancer. She had well over 150 hats! 

She did ad's for Louis Vuitton & Juicy Couture. 

Just look at the wonderful photo's of her and you just fall in love with her charismatic personality and love for life. I watched her in the video below and I was not just amazed by her beauty but her spice and zest for life. I would of loved to have had tea with her and asked her what it was like leaving little town of Williston, ND for Manhattan. 

Mimi my hat is off to you my dear and all your achievements. It doesn't matter your age in life if you have a dream reach for the STARS as Mimi did.

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