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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sally Fraser: North Dakota Women Series

Sally Fraser was born 12 Dec 1932 in Williston, ND. Her father bought a feed store moving his family to the Canoga Park area of L.A.

Sally sang for a local Tv Show and afterwards was encouraged to take acting classes.
Anderson grew up in Jamestown, N.D., graduated from the University of North Dakota and taught school in Minnewaukan, N.D. Fraser was born in Williston, N.D., and later lived in Grand Forks. She was a beautiful and talented actress whose promising career got sidetracked when she became typecast as a “scream queen” in science-fiction monster movies.
She has been in a variety of low budget sci films along with some westerns. 
In March 1959, the movie “Roadracers,” featuring Sally, was released. She was then contacted by director Alfred Hitchcock to appear in a minor role in “North by Northwest.” After honoring her commitment to play a prostitute in the movie “Elmer Gantry” in 1960, Sally decided it was time to spend more time with her family. The film “Dangerous Charter,” in which she received star billing, was released in 1962.
She eventually married Allan Johnson in 1955 and lives in Idaho. 

What a lovely lady. Maybe I can meet her someday and trace her family history. What a delight. I watch several of her movies on You Tube. She was a gem.

You can check out her long list of films at link below.

Clint Walker & Sally Fraser on set of "Cheyenne:The Trap" 1956
A photo that sold on Ebay with a written note from actress

Movie Dangerous Charter


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