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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

The Kubberness Clan came to America 21 Sep 1888 on the ship "Trave" from Bremen Germany/ Southampton-New York
My Grandfather Frederick use to tell people he learned to walk on water, because he was born 1 Nov 1887. He learned to walk on while on the ship to America.
The grave stone shown here is in Pecatonica, Illinois.


  1. I love the portraits. The fur in the children's portrait and the bow in her hair are just beautiful.

    The tombstone is very unusual too. I don't recall seeing too many that have two different colors of stone. Very pretty.

  2. Thank you.. I love old photo's too. This cemetery is very unusal, my mom and I had fun looking at all the diferent stones some looked like petrified wood.