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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Organizing Your Genealogy

The hanging files I use are helpful to keep all my records in, I protect them in clear protector sheets. To keep tract of the records I have so I don't duplicate them, I keep a index card file with the person's name and chart number on them and a list of all the documents. I also keep a list in my Family Tree Maker. I use the large index cards white ones for the surname and for their kids I use the colored index cards.When I number the kids I use the ancestor number and the number from the order the child was born. For example If I was working on my grandfather Frederick William Kubberness he is number 4 on my pedigree chart and his child (my Aunt) Betty Rae Kubberness, she would be 4-2, I use his chart number then the 2 because she was the second child born. easy right? Then I can write what records of hers I have acquired onto that index card. I get creative using pink and purple for the girls and yellow, blue and green for the boys. I use these numbers on everything from my index cards to my Family Tree Maker. This really helps keep me organized. I also scan all my records,death cert, and such into my Family Tree Maker. You can never be to care with these and you never know what can happen in terms of losing them in a fire or something and it would be awful
Here is a cool old form you can download and use.
 to have to start all over. I have 28 years invested in my genealogy. I keep it in paper form and on my laptop and on a removal disk drive.

Well folks I hope this helps you in your quest, happy treasure hunting until next time.

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  1. Great ideas Gwen! I like your organizing tips.