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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday

I am sure everyone has a tresure chest of some sort, filled with very special momento's from memories gone by. My speical treasure chest isn't in a box or closet or stored in a hope chest. My treasure is my "Momma". She is very special and dear to me. She has taught me that family is very important and friends are to be valued and loved. That people come from all walks of life and not to judge others.

She taught me my faith in God and what it means to be a Christian.

My mom is a professional clown!!! Yes you heard me right a clown. Can you imagine being a teenager in high school and your mom picking you up in her clown clothes and make-up? I was so embarassed. But I have learned to except that my mom is different and special than other mom's.

She started the Holy Fools in Bismarck, ND at McCabe United Methodist Church in 1979. They were Clowns for Christ. She even went to the Govenor and had April 1st declared as Holy Fools Day, ever year until she moved to Illinois in May of 1985.

Since then she has been in parades and helped Gary Dalh the senator of Illinois with his campaign and she's been in the Clown Hall of Fame.

I am very proud of my mom! She is devoted to her church and helps with the Upper Room Prayer Chain. She was a volunteer at their local Red Cross until a job opening came available and they asked her to fill the spot.

My folks have been Foster parents and helped with various local Youth Groups.

My mom was born n May 1935 and she hasn't slowed down one bit. "Momma I love you, you are the best"!

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