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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Surname Saturday-Peters

Today I would like to talk about my Dad's real mom's line. My dad was put up for adoption in 1933. His real mother Dorothy Mary Peters was born 13 June 1914 in Sheridan, WY. her folks were Martin Richard Peters born 22 Oct 1878 in Bartion, WI and died 19 Sept 1947 in Edgmont, SD he married Mary Louise Sack on 27 Jan 1910 in Sheridan, WY. She was born 25 Feb 1887 in St. Mary's, KS and died 18 Jan 1972 in Topeka, KS.

My Dad's real father is unknown but is believed to be a man Dorothy later married. Thomas Austin Melton. they married 14 Jul 1933 and my dad was born 17 Jul 1932 in Hills, MN. Dorothy died 6 Jan 1989 in Merced, CA. Her and Thomas had the following children. Dorothea Diane Melton born 25 Mar 1934 and died 2 Oct 2003, Sandra Loretta Melton, Mary Catherine Melton and Judith Marie Melton.

I had a conversation with my dad when I was in my early 20's and asked him if it would be OK to try and find his mom. He agreed and I contacted a National Adoption Registry. It just so happens his sisters also had contacted the same agency and before we knew it they met on the phone and then a few months later my folks planned a trip and meet them all including Dorothy's sister Catherine. what a wonderful genealogy discovery.

My new Aunt Judy sent me information on her mother's line and I started tracing it immediately. Wow what fun to have three lines to trace.

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