Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Gwen's Gathering"

I have a pile of very old photo's and would like to find the family members they belong to. I have purchased old photo's for many years from antique store, rummages sales, fle markets. Some are picture post cards, all are the black & white or brown & white. I would like to find family members who would love to recieve this treasure and I will be willing to mail them off to you.
Here's my first two.

The Hutchin Family 1888 Evansville, WI

no names on this one, Combs, Evansville, WI on the bottom of photo


  1. Hey Gwen,
    Looks like we're on the same page! In case you didn't see it already, check out my new blog, Genea-Related. I just posted the first pictures (and a postcard) today!
    I hope we'll both be successful in reuniting photos with their families!

    Renate :)

  2. Oops! Here's the link! http:\\

  3. That is so wonderful. I looked at your blog and I really enjoyed it. I am so grateful you shared that with me. Good luck to you too.

  4. I miss you haven't heard from you in a while