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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tourist Tuesday-Edyth Gustafson goes to Honolulu

I started a few of my own prompts and anyone is more than welcome to use them.

Tourist Tuesday is for y ancestors who traveled, may it be by wagon train, boat train, plane or on foot This is where then went.

Here is one of my ancestor's travel.

Edyth S  Gustafson was born 20 May 1886 in Fort Dodge, Iowa. In 16 July 1930 she boarded a ship the USS City of Los Angeles and went to Honolulu. She was living in New York at the time, 530 W 123rd St New York New York

Edyth Gustafson
She was eldest child of August and Anna (Andreasdotter) Gustafson
USS City of Los Angeles

Can you imagine boarding a ship in 1930 in New York harbor going to Hawaii? Edyth was in her 40's and single when she went on this adventure alone as I did not see any other names on manifest that are known.

She left Honolulu on the 23 Aug 1930 and boarded the USS  Megantic heading to a port in Wilmington, CA. She must of been visiting someone there or doing more traveling.

I would love to have stayed in one of these rooms on a voyage.

Above are the passenger lists I found Edyth on.
I can only presume what kinda of luggage she would of traveled with and these are what I found for that era.

These were typical for the 1930's

These are the clothes they wore during this era, however I would think she also had packed and elegant evening gown.

perhaps one of these beauties 

I wish I could of found a post card to sent to someone about her lovely time in Honolulu that would of been such a treasure to have.

Share your ancestor's Transit Travels.

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