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Friday, October 27, 2017

Funeral Card Friday- Clara Emily Custer

Clara Emily Custer was born on 18 Oct 1885 in Pittsburg, Alleghany, PA. She married Harry Earl Lutz on 27 Nov 1902 In Corropolia, Alleghany, PA they had 14 children.

Clara Emily Custer

She was laid to rest on 4 Aug 1958 in Rose City, Oregon

Here is her funeral card. I am sorry for the quality, I did not scan it I downloaded it.

Clara was my 1st cousin of wife of  2nd cousin 3x removed.


  1. My Lutz line: John Henry Lutz & Nancy Anna Helman.

  2. My Custer line: George Custer & Susannah Long, 6th great Aunt