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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Treasure Chest Thursday: Grandchildren

I have a treasure box and it's imaginary, but it holds 9 of the most beautiful treasurers you ever saw.
They sparkle like gems and they will dazzle your eyes. They will tickle your fancy and sometimes, blow your mind. 
Some are little some are big and there's even medium size ones.
They were all gift's from my 4 daughter's and the Heavens above. I keep them in my arms and in my heart.
I play with some, I teach them all the valuable lessons passed down from several generations and taught to me. 
I have special name that they all call me "NANA"
These treasure's are my grandchildren (a child of one's son or daughter.) and they are all my pride and joy. 

All I have ever wanted my whole life was to be a Mom, until I became a Nana. It has given me the chance to do things over and do them better. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

My oldest grandchild is Christopher Darrion Cook he is 10 years old and has the most loving and kindest nature about him. He is smart and he can build anything with Lego's (We might have an engineer or architect). He will be going into the 5th grade and he is very good at math.

Christopher Darrion Cook

 My next grandchild is Kayleigh Elizabeth Friday-Johnson
She is 9 years old and she loves to sing and can remember a song after listening to it once!

Then we have little Miss Olivia Marie Friday-Johnson who is 8 years old. She is the clown of all the grandchildren. She is funny and witty and full of life and sometime mischief. We have lots of fun pretending and having tea parties. She loves to model the clothes Nana sews for Generations Boutique.

My next Princess is Jada Marie Smith. She is curious about everything and asks lots of questions. She gives great hugs and cares about people's feelings. She is also the mother hen of the bunch, making sure all her little chicks are in a row. She's 8.

Next is Brooke Lynn Whittington also 8 years old (We were a busy bunch of people that year). She is funny and goofy and loves to snuggle with Nana and watch tv. She is my only grandchild that lives far away, Baltimore, MD. I miss her all the time and wish they would move back so I can spend more than a few days a year with her.

Next in line is Naviah John Friday-Johnson, he 7 years old and he is funny and very loving. He gives Nana big hugs and he tells me he prayed for me when he thinks I need it. This melts my heart and shows me he is paying attention in Sunday School when I take him. He and Christopher are best Buds.

Then we have Naziah Carmello Smith, this little guy has a great imagination. I spilt some tiny decorative rocks from a pot and they landed in the dirt in front of our front porch and Nayziah found the tiny little things and brought me a few and said they were his dinosaur eggs and I had to protect them. So I went into the house and found a small box that held some jewelry at some time and put his eggs in it. He was so proud of those dinosaur eggs, I still have them. He is going to be 5 in November.

Well only 2 more left and they were born only a few weeks apart.

Johnell Jamel Coley III but we call him Jamel. He is currently going through his terrible 2's and Nana watches him while Mommy works. I have my hands full. But this little guy is as smart as they come. He was talking at 6 months old say up and Nana. He also wants it now, there's no waiting. LOL
But he has Nana wrapped around his finger, but he has to mind me. We play together everyday and he loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Hey Duggee. He will be 2 in July.

His shirt says it all!

Last but not least is Jordan Paul Smith he will be 2 in August. He is tiny but he runs like a quarterback with a purpose. He has the cutest giggle and he gives Nana kisses and he will tease you with them sometimes you will get one other times he goes to give you one and turns his head and laughs.

Look at those eyes!!!!

                                This is my Treasure Chest

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