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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday’s Obituary: William Small

Killed by Lightning- Mr. Wm Small
A farmer living about three miles of St. Charles, was instantly killed by lightning on Saturday afternoon last at about 3 o'clock. He was in the field at the time engaged in harvesting barley, his son driving the harvester, while he himself was putting the grain in shocks. A sudden storm coming up, he told his son to go to the barn with the team, while he would shook the small amount of grain remaining and go to the house. The son did as directed, After the storm passed-in which there was great electrical display- Mrs. Small inquired where her husband was, but could not ascertain from any of the children. The son then went to the field and found his father lying prone upon his face, dead. He had finished capping the shocks and had evidently started for the home when he was struck with the fatal bolt. The lightning struck him on the back of his head, passing down the spinal column, and cut at his boots, which were cut and disfigured. His back was greatly discolored. 
Mr Small was 44 years of age. He was born in Ireland, we believe-at least he was of Irish parentage. When the war broke out, he volunteered and served over three years in the army, being a gallant soldier. After the war was over, he married Miss Sophia Talbot, daughter of Wm. Talbot, sr., of St. Charles, and lived a short time at Pickwick, in this county. Subsequently he owned a farm near Quincy, but sold it and bought the one where he met his death. He was an honest and industrious man and a good neighbor and citizen. He leaves a wife and three children- a son, now of age and two daughters.
The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon, and was attended by a large concourse of people. The remains were interred in Hillside cemetery.
Rev. Mr. Kidder officiated.

He actually had 4 children

Charles William Small
Minnie Sophia Small
Lillie Belle Small
Agnes Small

William Small, Company D, 7th Regiment Minnesota Volunteers

                     My relation to him: Husband of Sister-in-law of 1st cousin 3x removed

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