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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sibling Saturday: Robertson's Marry Thornton's

Marie Margaret Robertson was born 12 Aug 1899 and on 24 Nov 1915 she married Alphonse James Thornton born 4 sep 1889 Hubbard, NE . During their wedding they introduced Marie's sister Louise Cecelia Robertson born 10 sep 1898 in Sioux City, IA to Alphonse's brother Edward Joseph Thornton Jr. born 29 sep 1892 in Hubbard, NE

Marie Margaret Robertson

Alphonse James  Thornton 

And low and behold they married on 3 Sep 1917 in the same church, St. Boniface Catholic Church in Sioux City Iowa.

Louise Cecelia Robertson

Unfortunately I do not have a photo of Edward James Thornton.

Louise & Ed had 6 children together and long happy marriage he died in 1974 and she died in 1971
Marie & Alphonse had 10 children and a long happy marriage He died in 1959 and she died 1989

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