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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sentimental Sunday: Grandmother's Tea Cups

My maternal grandmother Dorothy Couch-Robertson was one of my greatest mentors. She taught me a lot about faith and family.  When she died in 2001 it broke my heart, she was 90 years old and I know she had a good full life and was ready to go meet God, but it still hurts to miss her.

After her death I went to California for a visit with my mom to her her sister's and here was when I was given grandmother's Tea Cups. What a treasure. I only wish I knew where she got each one and the story of them. I am very tickled to have them and something I can had down to generations. 

Here are some photo's

Aren't they exquisite? I just love them. They remind me of her loving spirit every time I look at them.

                         Dorothy Couch Robertson 1903-2001


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