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Friday, June 23, 2017

Family Friends Friday: Auntie Dee

When I was little living in Aberdeen, SD. My mom had a best friend named Dee Siert (Deanne Joyce Gates). They met at ceramic classes they attended. 

This is my mom holding my brother Ray and my Auntie Dee

To this day they still talk and share all their up's and down's

In 1979 Auntie Dee's son Dillon was killed in a grain elevator and died he was 18 years old. She believes he was murdered, something to do with drugs other people were doing that worked there or lived their. 

When she received the news of her son's death we had just moved from California to Bismarck, ND and my mom went to Aberdeen to be with her friend. 

I write her once or twice a year and I should write more. She had a huge influence on me as I grew up. I was close to her other children, Linelle & Delynn.

We visited several times over the years and had a great time catching up. I will always remember her kindness her funny wit and most of all her laugh.

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