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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ruth Caroline Blanch

Ruth Caroline Blanch was called "Mamie" throughout her life. She was born to Warren Elmer Blanch & Freda Johanna Caroline Sophia Kubbernus on 25 July 1905  in Pitcher, IA.

She married Chauncey Lyle Haxton who lived to be 95 years old.

No children I am aware of.

Ruth died 18 May 1996 in Turnwater, WA

Warren Elmer Blanch & wife Freda Johanna Caroline Sophia Kubbernus (my Great Aunt) and their children: Only 3 are shown and I do not know their identity. I assume they are the 3 oldest girls.

1) Alice Luella Blanch
2) Ruth caroline Blanch
3) Minnie Adella Blanch
4) Phyllis Blanch
5) Florence Blanch

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