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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Jennie Gray, Divorced & Ran Over By A Car

When Jennie Gray was born on December 26, 1859, in Lansing, Iowa, her father, George, was 39, and her mother, Prudence, was 28. She had two sons with James M. Kyle between 1896 and 1898. She died on November 3, 1913, in Salem, Oregon, at the age of 53.

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1900 OR CENSUS - Jennie Kyle, age 30, mother of 2, b. Dec 1869 in Iowa, is enumerated with her husband of 5 years, James M. Kyle, age 32, occupation fruit buyer, b. Jul 1867 in Ohio, along with George G., age 4, b. Jan 1896 in Oregon, and Hugh W., age 2, b. Mar 1898 in Oregon. 
1910 OR CENSUS - Jennie G. Kyle, age 48, divorced, mother of 2, b. Iowa, is enumerated with George W. Gray, age 16, b. Oregon, and Hugh Wallace, age 12, b. Oregon.

Mrs. Kyle Will Be Buried This Afternoon 
Services Over Remains of the Well Known Salem Woman Will Be Held at Residence. 
Owing to the fact that yesterday was a legal holiday and several important witnesses were out of the city, Coroner A. M. Clough did not hold an inquest over the remains of Mrs. Jennie Gray Kyle at 7:30 last night, as scheduled, but will hold an inquest this morning at 10:30 in Lehman and Clough's undertaking parlors. Mrs. Kyle was fatally injured Monday evening by a collision with Steusloff's auto-delivery on the corner of Fourteenth and State streets. Relatives of Mrs. Kyle have been unable to learn any of the details of the accident. It is thought that she just stepped from the State street car and owing to the gathering darkness was unable to see the auto which is said to have been without lights. Friends of the family talked with Mrs. Kyle and her two sons who were shopping in the city during the afternoon, and according to them Mrs. Kyle left for home on the State street car about 6 o'clock. 
Tried to Stop. 
According to Elliot Leslie, the lad who was driving the delivery wagon when the accident occurred, he had just rounded the corner on State street from Fourteenth when Mrs. Kyle suddenly walked in front of the auto. He says he tried to stop his machine but was too close to do so. Mrs. Kyle was thrown to the pavement with such force as to render her unconscious. Leslie carried the injured woman to a nearby tailor shop and Dr. W. H. Byrd was called. A few minutes after the arrival of the physician Mrs. Kyle was removed to her home. The accident occurred about 6 o'clock in the evening, and as stated in The Statesman yesterday, the victim died at her home of concussion of the head at ten minutes to 10 o'clock the same night. 
Well Known. 
Mrs. Kyle was well known in Salem, where she had lived practically all her life. She was the daughter of G. W. Gray, well-to-do pioneer merchant and capitalist of Salem. She was a prominent member of the Presbyterian church where she played the organ for many years. She was identified in musical and society circles of the city. Old time residents remember the old Gray home which is now occupied by the Willamette College of Music. 
Born in Iowa. 
Mrs. Kyle was born December 1859, in Lansing, Iowa. Her mother, who was Mrs. Prudence N. Berry of Pennsylvania, was a prominent society member --- in the New England states. The daughter moved with her parents in 1865 and the family settled in Salem. Her father died a number of years ago and Mrs. Gray followed him to the grave a few years later. Besides two sons, Gray and Hugh, she leaves one sister, Mrs. Gertrude Lonsdale of Salem, and two brothers, George and William Gray, of Seattle. The funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock this afternoon from the residence Fourteenth and State streets. Rev. H. T. Babcock of the Presbyterian church will officiate. The burial will be in the Odd Fellows cemetery. 
Oregon Statesman 4 Nov 1913 3:4 

Run Down by Delivery Wagon and Dies Soon After. 
Accident Takes Place at State and Fourteenth
Never Regains Consciousness and Passes Away at 10. 
Mrs. Jennie Gray Kyle, whose home is at 1281 State street was run down yesterday evening at 6 o'clock at the crossing of State and Fourteenth streets by an auto delivery car belonging to Steusloff Brothers and injured to such an extent that she died at 10 minutes to ten o'clock. She did not regain consciousness. She suffered from concussion of the brain. Immediately after the accident she was taken to a tailor shop near by and later taken to her home. Dr. W. H. Byrd was called. The driver of the auto stopped the machine and assisted Mrs. Kyle to the tailor shop. Mrs. Kyle was a daughter of W. T. Gray, a pioneer merchant of this city. She is survived by two sons -- Hugh and Gray Kyle. Mrs. Kyle has lived in Salem all her life and is well known. The funeral of Mrs. Jennie Gray Kyle was held at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon from the residence on Fourteenth and State streets. Rev. H. T. Babcock of the First Presbyterian church officiated. Mrs. W. Carleton Smith sang several hymns which were favorites of the deceased. The pallbearers were: A. O. Condit, John H. McNary, F. E. Shafer, Judge George H. Burnett, Paul B. Wallace and H. W. Meyers. The burial took place in the Odd Fellows' cemetery. 
Oregon Statesman 6 Nov 1913 5:5 

Verdict of Jury Exonerates Driver From Blame. 
Death of Mrs. Jennie Gray-Kyle Entirely Due to Accident Is the Fact Brought Out. 
That Mrs. Jennie Gray Kyle came to her death from being accidentally run down by an automobile owned by Steusloff Brothers and driven by one Eliot Leslile. WE the Jury exonerate the driver, Eliot Leslie, from all blame. This is the verdict which was brought in by the coroner's jury at the inquest over the remains of Mrs. Jennie Gray-Kyle yesterday. The examination of witnesses brought out that the car was going east on State street at the rate of about 9 miles an hour at the time of the accident and that Leslie, the dirver, was unaware of the presence of Mrs. Kyle until he felt the right rear wheel of his machine lift and then drop as though going over a prostrate body. He stopped his car immediately and going back found Mrs. Kyle lying in the street groaning. With the assistance of Mrs. Louise Arthur he assisted the woman to the tailor shop of G. H. Tucker near by and Dr. W. H. Byrd was called immediately. Dr. Byrd testified that death was the result of concussion of the brain caused no doubt by the woman's head striking the pavement. Among the witnesses who were examined were Eliot Leslie, Dr. W. H. Byrd, G. H. Tucker, C. B. VanSlyke, a university student who was on the scene shortly after the accident; Mrs. Louise Arthur and Charles Gischel, proprietor of a shop on State street at which Leslie has stopped a short time previous to the accident. The jury consisted of Hal. D. Patton, U. J. Lehman, C. I. Imus, J. A. Patterson, William Needham and J. F. Jones. Deputy District Attorney Keyes, assisted aby Attorney John H. McNary and Attorney Robert Sinnot, the latter being a relative of the deceased, conducted the examination of the state, and Judge W. T. Slater appeared in behalf of Steusloff Brothers. 
Oregon Statesman 6 Nov 1913 1:5-6 
 (bio source: Salem Pioneer Cemetery Website) 

I think the young man who hit her must of felt just awful. It would be hard living with that. If only he would of turned his headlight on. Sometimes things are just that simple.
Jennie was only 53 years old.
Unfortunately I could not find a photo of her.
You can stop by her grave at and leave her a flower if you like.
Find A Grave Memorial# 24545037

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