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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Farley Alfred Abshire II

Farley Alfred Abshire II Born 29 Nov 1868 to James Henderson Abshier & Dorlesca Horn in California. He was married twice. He died 27 May 1954 in Sonoma, CA.

Susie E Crow on 4 Oct 1891 in Sonoma, CA
Mae Anna Peters date unknown but she most likely was his last wife.

He had 2 children one with Susie 

Francis B Abshire b. abt 1892 CA, died 19 Nov 1965 in Sonoma, CA

Alfred Cecil Abshire b. 15 Dec 1893 in Cloverdale, CA & died 6 Apr 1949. He was 55 years old.

Farley Alfred Abshire II

I found when doing research on this gentleman That there is another Farley Alfred Abshire II He was a Colonel in WWII and was killed in 1942 in the Philippians. I am almost sure he is related but have not found the connection. 


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