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Friday, May 26, 2017

Capt. Charles Frederick Kavanaugh Sr.

Charles Frederick Kavanagh was born in 1726, at birth place, Virginia, to Philemon Kavanaugh and Ann Kavanaugh (born Williams).
Philemon was born in 1711, in Caven Co, Ireland.
Ann was born in 1712, in Wales.
Charles had one sister: Anna Woods (born Kavanaugh).
Charles married Ann Kavanaugh (born Coleman) in 1755, at age 29 at marriage place, Kentucky.
Ann Coleman was born in 1733, in Of Madison, KY.
They had 7 children: Jane Woods (born Kavanaugh), William Kavanaugh and Joel Kavanaugh 4 other children.

Charles passed away on month day 1795, at age 69 at death place, Kentucky.
He was buried in month 1796, at burial place, Kentucky.

What I haven't found yet is why was he called Captain??? Was he in the service?? or a Captain of a ship??

A mystery waiting for me to solve it, love the challenge.

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