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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Susan Campbell Who Were You?

Susan Campbell was born to Rev. Archibald Campbell & Mary Gragg on 1 Oct 1791 in Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

She married Jacob Smith on 17 Dec 187 in Greenbrier County, WV 

According to family historian Aubrey O. Smith, Jacob, and first wife Suzanna "lived on Muddy Creek (near Alderson, Greenbrier/Monroe counties, W.Va.) until about 1818, when they moved to the north of Laurel Creek at the present location of Quinnimont (Fayette County, W.Va.) Jacob built a two story log house where the present C&O depot now stands, he being the first white settler in that vicinity…" (Smith-Riffe Collection, DVD 5, Sh-St, Page 455. Undated, typewritten text.)

Susan & Jacob had 12 children

1. Campbell Smith. Born 25 Dec 1808. 
2. William T. Smith. Born 28 Dec 1809. 
3. John Smith. Born 01 Mar 1811. 
4. Polly Smith Plumley. Born 26 July 1813. 
5. Virginia Jane Smith Holton. Born March 1815. 
6. Elizabeth (Betsy) Smith Cooper. Born 15 Aug 1816. 
7. Washington Smith. Born 19 Apr 1817 
8. Ruth Smith Kincaid. Born 22 Sep 1818. 
9. Canada Smith. Born 14 Jan 1820. 
10. Lewis Smith. Born 30 May 1821. 
11. Joseph Smith. Born 25 Oct 1822.
12. Nancy Smith. Born 25 Apr 1824. 

Suzanna Campbell Smith died giving birth to her 12th child in 1824. 

There is a difference of opinion on her first name. On 25 Aug 1917, J.M. Kirk of Sandstone, Summers County, W.Va., wrote a letter to Ervin D. Smith, grandson of Suzanna and Jacob. He referred to "Suzanna, who married Jacob Smith." (Smith-Riffe Collection, DVD 5, Sh-St, Page 493-494.) In 1936, grandson Charles Wesley Smith, the son of Washington Smith, said her name was Elizabeth. ("My Father, Washington Smith of Virginia and Missouri" by Charles Wesley Smith, 1936. A copy of the family history was shared by Steve Cooper.) Aubrey O. Smith called her Susan. 

Jacob remarried in 1825 and had 13 additional children with second wife Jane Kincaid. A Kincaid history lists Jane's full name as Hulda Jane Kincaid, daughter of Samuel Kincaid and Huldah Osborne, born in 1806. ("Kincaid-Claypool Descendants: Mountain Tom Kincaid's Second Family" by William Harold Kincaid, Kincaid Publishing, Ann Arbor, Mich., 1991, Page 14.) Children of Jane and Jacob:

13. Samuel Smith Sr. Born 17 Dec 1825.
14. George Washington Smith Sr. Born 12 Dec 1826. 
15. Susan Smith Martin. Born 11 June 1828. 
16. Harmon Smith. Born 03 Nov 1829.
17. Andrew Smith. Born 03 Apr 1831. 
18. Hulda Smith Berry. Born 17 July 1832. 
19. Thomas Smith. Born 12 Feb 1834. 
20. Ann "Annie" Smith Plumley. Born 28 Nov 1836.
21. Charles Smith. Born 05 Sep 1838. 
22. James Smith. Born 07 Jan 1840. 
23. Davis J. Smith. Born 14 Mar 1841. 
24. Jacob Smith Jr. Born 03 Jan 1843. 
25. Clarkson Smith. Born 13 Sep 1845.

After Jane's death in 1858, Jacob married Judah Clayborn. There were no children from his third marriage. Jacob Sr. died in 1874.

Suzanna, two of her children, and Jane were buried in the same family cemetery. I can only offer the following descriptions regarding their final resting place:

In 1936, Charles Wesley Smith, grandson of Jacob and Suzanna, wrote: "She was buried on the farm on a ‘bench' several yards above the tiny bottom field; her grave is lost but is thought to have been beneath a small Quinnimont residence." ("My Father, Washington Smith of Virginia and Missouri.")

In 1975, Aubrey O. Smith, great grandson of Jacob and Jane, wrote: "They then lived at present Quinnimont about 16 miles east of Beckley, she (Susan) being buried on an eminence immediately above and about two hundred yards from their home." (Smith-Riffe Collection, DVD 5, Sh-St, Page 412-413, letter from Aubrey O. Smith to Mrs. Wm. R. Wetzell of Escondido, CA., 08 Nov 1975.)

Jane Kincaid-Smith had "died at Fitzpatrick, near MacArthur in 1857 and was buried at Quinnimont in Smith Cemetery alongside Jacob's first wife, Susan and two of their children," according to a 1974 news article. Jacob, who died in 1874, was originally buried "on a knoll overlooking his farm at Fitzpatrick." ("Remains Of War Of 1812 Veteran Placed in VFW Cemetery in City.")

Jacob was "buried on an eminence back of his home perhaps due to the extremely bad weather and bad roads, if any, to the family plot at Quinnimont and on the other hand due to the fact that this was the near the home base of his (current) wife's people may have been an influencing element." (Letter from Aubrey O. Smith to Mrs. Wm. R. Wetzell, 08 Nov 1975.)

Charles Wesley Smith describes Jacob's gravesite: "…in 1853, Jacob bought 700 acres on Piney and Fat Creeks, not far from Beckley. Did he live on it? I know not. He sold it two years later and bought the same Piney Creek the 150 acres ‘Round Bottom' farm, where he lived until his death in 1874 at the age of 86. His grave is on this farm on a densely wooded mountain spur, a lone grave almost hidden in thick undergrowth. It is several hundred feet above the bottom land he farmed at the verge of which was the home site. With Cousin Jackson (Smith, son of James), sister, daughter, and grandson I climbed to that leaf-enclosed grave, July 7, 1931." ("My Father, Washington Smith of Virginia and Missouri.")

Regarding the reburial of Jacob's remains, Aubrey wrote: "On 26 Oct. 1974 I moved his remains to the American Legion plot in Beckley, the US Government furnishing a tombstone as he was a soldier in the war of 1812. His original place of burial was isolated and had completely grown over with trees and brush. I hope you approve." (Letter from Aubrey O. Smith to Mrs. Wm. R. Wetzell, 08 Nov 1975). 

Below are 2 newspaper articles from 

Beckley Post-Herald (Beckley, West Virginia)

On Jacob Smith

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