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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Rev. John Alexander Surgeon

The following is an account of memory from Illa V Burger a granddaughter to Rev. John Alexander Surgeon

Rev. John Alexander Surgeon (b. November 25, 1861, d. May 26, 1959)
son of John Alexander Surgeon and Polly Ann Haynes.
He married Elvira May Amick on May 01, 1883 in Fayette Co., West Virginia 1820, daughter of Samuel H Amick and Mary Copenhaver.

Source L. W. Surgeon May 25, 1980"John Alexander bought his 80 acre place in Iowa (next to the Burgers)for a horse, a cow and a little money.Moved there in winter before John was born. They lived there for 13 years. "

Source L. W. Surgeon"Moved to Nebraska spring 1903.Left Nebraska May 1910 arrived in Laffayette June 1910, strawberries ripe."

Source: Ila V. Burger "Sometime during the first two years of marriage They moved to Western Iowa."

Source: Ila v. Burger "A short time before John SR died, he told me that his mother was worried that he would "lose his religion in the wild west."He remained a Baptist Minister until his retirement, and established churches wherever he went."

Source: Ila v. Burger "Dad (Bill) reported that Grandpa bought 80 acres next to the John and Mary Burger farm, for a horse, a cow and a little money.They moved there before John was born.

Source:Ila v. Burger" Aunt Iva lived with Grandpa after Uncle John Scott died.In the fall of 1958, probably in October, Grandpa was quite sick.He was given a penicillin shot and reacted to it, and was very sick for a while.

In mid November he seemed to be getting better.I had been down to see him when he was so sick, then a few days before Thanksgiving, I again visited him, and it seemed that he was getting much better.He was looking forward to seeing his family on Thanksgiving.
On Thanksgiving day, he was up and about and seemed to be feeling OK, and was happy to have family around.But about a week later he again was quite sick.It seemed to me that he continued to be getting worse each time I went to see him.
Mom had moved down there to help Aunt Iva care for him.It seems to me that they were there several months.Dad "batched" at home.Then Uncle Lovell came to stay with him, Mom went home and Aunt Iva married Jerry Sullivan.After some time Uncle Forrest came and Uncle Lovell went home.
I visited occasionally,it seemed Grandpa was in bed most of the time.The last time I visited, he was in bed, Uncle Forrest got lunch ready and said, " would you like some dinner Daddy?"Grandpa replied, "well I think I ought to eat at least once a day."He got up and came to the table.He ate a pretty hearty meal, which surprised me. "
1870 & 1880 census Mtn. Cove Township, Fayette Co., W. Virginia reel 378708 & 553185

More About John Alexander Surgeon:
Baptism (LDS): March 25, 1986, Seatt.
Burial: Unknown, Evergreen Cemetery, McMinnville, Yamhill Co., Oregon.
Endowment (LDS): March 28, 1986, Seattle
Sealed to parents (LDS): March 29, 1986, Seattle
More About John Alexander Surgeon and Elvira May Amick:
Marriage: May 01, 1883, Fayette Co., West Virginia.1820

Children of John Alexander Surgeon and Elvira May Amick are:
+Ica Blanche Surgeon, b. January 25, 1885, Bronson, Woodbury Co., Iowa 1821, d. date unknown.
+Walter Wyatt Surgeon, b. January 23, 1887, Climbing Hill, Woodbury Co., Iowa 1821, d. 1948.
+Isaac Forrest Surgeon, b. December 03, 1888, Climbing Hill, Woodbury Co., Iowa 1822, d. January 1980, Sweet Home, Oregon 1823.
+Lester William Surgeon, b. April 06, 1890, Climbing Hill, Woodbury Co., Iowa 1824, 1825, d. July 25, 1983, Hermiston, Umatilla Co., Oregon 1826, 1827.
+Lovell Orestes Surgeon, b. November 06, 1892, Climbing Hill, Woodbury Co., Iowa 1828, 1829, d. October 21, 1971, Madras, Oregon 1830.
John Roscoe Surgeon, b. December 03, 1894, Climbing Hill, Woodbury Co., Iowa 1831, d. Abt. 1905.
+Samuel Arthur Surgeon, b. July 19, 1896, Climbing Hill, Woodbury Co., Iowa 1832, d. August 26, 1980, Yakima, Washington 1833.
+Joseph Lee Surgeon, b. March 27, 1898, Luton, Iowa 1834, 1835, d. August 06, 1928, Miles City, Montana 1836.
+George Mark Surgeon, b. October 03, 1900, Climbing Hill, Woodbury Co., Iowa 1837, d. December 17, 19901838.
Charles Surgeon, b. March 1903, Climbing Hill, Woodbury Co., Iowa 1839, d. date unknown.
+Iva Inez Surgeon, b. October 21, 1904, Norden, Keyapaha Co., Nebraska, d. date unknown.
+Wyce Lynn Surgeon, b. October 27, 1914, Laffayette, Yamhill Co., Oregon 1840, 1841, d. March 10, 1999, Roseburg, Oregon.

                 The following is from my research:

Evergreen Memorial Park in                             McMinnvilleYamhill CountyOregon, USA 

I am related to Rev John Alexander Surgeon through 2 lines his mother's and his wife's. His wife is my 3 Great Aunt.

Rev John Surgeon lived to be 97 years old.

Here's some wonderful newspaper clipping about him.

The follow photo's are of him and his children 

John Alexander and Isaac Forrest Surgeon on far right

John Alexander Surgeon, taken at 1215 N

John's 90th birthday

Lester William Surgeon

Wyce Lynn Surgeon Sr & wife Iola

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