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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Lucetta Adella Heath

Lucetta Adella Heath

Lucetta Adella Heath grew up in Wisconsin, she was born 16 Aug 1866 in La Crosse, WI. Her parents were Perry Silvester Heath & Sarah Jane Briggs. She married Jonathan Busby the 23 Dec 1882 in Arcadia Trempealeau, Wisconsin. She died 20 Sep 1960 in Livingston, PArk, Montana. They had 8 children together.

Lucetta Heath and Jonathan Busby and their children: Alice, Sidney, and Millie.

Left Back: Sid Busby , Violet Busby, Ina Busby, Alice Busby ,Roberts Left Front: Harry, Jonathan holding Laura Roberts, Lucetta holding Leslie, Sylvia, Grandpa Busby (Jonathan) Lester Roberts.

Lucetta (Heath) Busby and her children,  Mildren, Violet, Ina and Sidney

1) Alice Adella Busby born 2 Oct 1883 in Arcadia, WI, died 23 Oct 1907 in MT

Alice Adella Busby

Alice Adella Busby

2) Sidney Ernest Busby born abt 1887 in WI died 1947 married 

Gertrude Roup. 

Sidney & Gertrude Busby

3) Mildred Jane Busby born 1890 died 20 Oct 1902 age 12 in MT

Mildred Jane Busby

4) Ina Ethel Busby born 8 Apr 1893 in Arcadia, WI, died 15 Aug 1917 age 24 married Ernest Lincoln Bottler 27 Jun 1916 they had a son Ernest Grant Bottler born 10 Aug 1917

Ina's grave

Ina Ethel Busby 
Ina Ethel Busby, Mrs. Ernest Bottler (1893-1917), left, and Harry Winfield Busby (1899-1971)

5) Violet Harriet Busby born abt 1896 in MT and died 1942 she was married to Thomas Munro.

Violet Harriet Busby

Violet Harriet Busby

Violet Harriet Busby
6) Harry Winfield Busby born 11 Sep 1899 & died in Feb 1971

He married Dorothea Hoppes.

Harry Winfield Busby

Harry Winfield Busby
7) Sylvia Lillie Busby born in  6 Aug 1903 MT, died 20 Dec 1991
married Peter Anderson.

Sylvia Lillie Busby

Sylvia Lillie Busby

8) Leslie Jonathan Busby born 18 Jul 1907 MT, died May 1975 and married Benna Krogdal.

Leslie Jonathan Busby

Leslie Jonathan Busby & wife Benna Krogdal

As I was doing my research I sat and wondered what their lives were like. I could imagine them gathered around the tree at Christmas time singing carols and drinking warm egg nog. I was lucky enough to come across a web site where a family member had posted some of these lovely treasures and gave permission for anyone to use them, after all isn't that was genealogy is all about?

I hope you enjoy your treasure hunting.

God Bless

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  1. Hi, very interesting, these are my relatives. Thank you. Lucetta was my great great grandmother, and Alice was my great grandmother. She died much later than the 1907 you're showing here. I have info in my tree, user name is Laura Harryman.