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Thursday, April 20, 2017

John Niemand

John Niemand was born to Johannes Niemand and Elizabeth Barbara Margaret Keller on 15 Apr 1761 in Haycock, Bucks, PA. He was Baptised at Tohockon Reformed Church in Bedminster, Bucks PA on 14 Jun 1761.

Between 1783-1784 he married Julianna Emig dau of Johann Heinrich and Anna Catherine Nichols (Her photo below)

 Anna Catherine Nichols

John & Julianna had several children I found 5 in a book on Google books called 

Emig, Emich, Amick, Emmick by  David J. Emmick

Sarah b. 7 Sep 1784
Johannes b. 22 May 1787
Samuel b. 24 May 1789
Catharina b. 1794
Gideon b 1797 (I found no proof of him being a child of there's yet)

Other family trees list several other children but I have found no proof in church records or other documents as of yet.

This Keller Church in Bucks PA where the Keller's Niemand & Emig Families all attended

I will revise this as I find more information.

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