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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Frank Benjamin Jackson

Frank Benjamin Jackson was born Mar 1855 in PA. He died 20 Apr 1916 in Dubuque, IA

On the 19th of Dec 1894, he married a Widow with 2 daughters. He was 4 years old and she was 35.

This photo is Elizabeth Edith Whiting with her daughters Blanche & Juanita Herbst from her first marriage.

Elizabeth Edith Whiting my 1st cousin 3x removed. Her first husband died 1891.

Elizabeth was born Oct 1860 in North Fork, Delaware, Iowa she died 5 of Apr 1942 in Rockford, Winnebago, IL

Frank and Elizabeth had one child a son.

Clifford Whiting Jackson b. 12 Mar 1896 in Dubuque, IA and died after 1942 in Illinois.

Not much is known about Frank His family moved most likely after her was born from Pennsylvania to Iowa.

His father Ralph started out from England as a blacksmith. Do not know as of yet the date but he became a farmer in Iowa and worked his way up to be a horse doctor (Veterinarian).
His wife Isabella and him had 8 children and as they all grew by the 1900 census there was a son that was a Veterinarian and 2 were store clerks and 3 teachers in the family.  

At some point Frank & Elizabeth moved to Bertha OR according to the 1900 census but they didn't stay there long because in another 1900 census I found them in MN with him working for the Railroad and they have 2 children Clifford and another child a female with initials C.D. Jackson, I am assuming he dies in Minnesota because there's no other reference to him after that. I am also assuming Frank might have died because of an accident of some sort.
Then in a 1900 census, they were back in Dubuque, IA and he was farming on rented land. 

1920 Census they are still in Dubuque, IA and then Elizabeth must have moved after Franks deaths.Her son Clifford is working as an insurance clerk she is 52 by now.  
1930 census lists Elizabeth as 65 years old and still with son Clifford age 33 and both are widows and they are living in Illinois.

1940 census Elizabeth is 80 years old and living with Clifford age 40 still single.
Elizabeth died in Rockford IL but was buried in Dubuque, IA

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