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Friday, April 21, 2017

Clarence Parker Custer Died 123 Years Ago Today

Clarence Parker Custer was born to Ezekiel Fulton Custer & Clara Mahala Pettit on  2 Apr 1870 in Clinton, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

How is he related to me?
My father-in-law to my 2nd cousin 3x removed

He married Martha Elizabeth Springer on 04 Apr 1901 in Clinton, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. She was born on 09 Nov 1879 in Allegheny County, PA and died 9 MAy 1928. She was 85 years old.

He passed on 22 Apr 1959 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA and is buried at Clinton, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. He was 89 years old. (He died 123 yrs ago today). 

They had 6 children:

Nellie Viola b. 13 Dec 1901 d. 15 Feb 1972
Charles LeRoy b. 02 Oct 1903 d. 09 Oct 1983
Theodore Clair b.10 Jul 1905 d. 20 Aug 1971
Clarence Robert b. 08 Apr 1908 d. 08 Apr 1908
Clara Elizabeth b. 06 Mar 1911 d. Unknown
Martha Emily b. 26 Aug 1912 d. 05 Oct 1912 1 mo old

Unfortunately I could not find any photo's for this family except for Clarence's parents below.

Clara Mahala Pettit

Ezekiel Fulton Custer

Ezekiel Fulton Custer

Clarence P Custer was a farm laborer in 1910 at age 39 in Findley, PA. This means he was working on someone else's farm. 

I have no found any connections to the famous George Custer from Ft. Lincoln, ND

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