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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

William Hatch

Anna Whiting & Husband Wiliam Hatch

Anna Whiting

William Hatch was born 9 Dec 1815 in Stone Allerton, Somerset, England He married Ann WHiting on 13 Apr 1838 in Weare, Somerset, England. In 1851 they came to America, settling in Dubuque, Iowa. Their first four children all born in England and having 3 more in Iowa.
While in England he was a Taylor and his father George was a cheese dealer in 1841 & 1851.

In 1860 in Taylor, Dubuque, Iowa he is a farmer and his daughter Martha is a servant. 1880 he is still farming. 

1900 says he was a capitalest which is generic for land owner or farmer.  

William died on 14 Mar 1904 in Farley, Dubuque, Iowa

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