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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Amelia Anna Anders

Amelia Anna Anders was born on 2 Apr 1909 in Pecatonica, IL. She died 5 Aug 1974 in Pecatonica, IL. She married Robert Charles Neely on 19 Aug 1933 in Pecatonica, IL. She is buried at buried at Twelve Mile Grove Cemetery, Pecatonica, IL

They had a son Philip Robert Neely born 13 Sept 1934 in Freeport, IL he died on 02 Mar 1991 in Rockford, IL.

They had other children I have no information on.
Donna Jo, Cleo & Jo Anne

She was my Niece of husband of first Great Aunt

Wedding photo

I have no idea if she sewed, or was an artist or had a job outside the home. If any other relatives know more about her I would love to hear her story.

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