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Thursday, October 20, 2016

They Were Soldiers, They Are Kin

As I have plugged away at my Family History I have found many hero's. But none that could ever fill a soldier's boot.
I have a very strong love and devotion to my country, these United States of America. I know it's in my blood as it was in their blood. I would like to honor all my ancestor's who fought in the many war's through out the generations of our beloved land. 

 My ancestors have fought in every war our Country has seen.
My 4th Great Grandfather Jacob Amick was a soldier in this war

Glen Robert Amick was a Pvt in WWI  my first cousin x2 removed

Harley David Amick entered WWII on 05 Sep 1942 my first cousin x2 removed.

Calvin Bliss my 5th Great Grandfather was in 2 wars the Revolutionary War  & The War of 1812

Orsamas M Palmiter my Uncle of wife of my 4th great Uncle Civil War

Richard Peterson was in WWI Aviation Section Signal Corp.
He is a nephew of a husband of a niece of husband of first cousin 3x removed

William Small was Enlisted in Co. D 7th Reg MN Vol in the Civil War
He is related to me by husband of sister-in-law of first cousin 3x removed

He was the Husband of my 5th great Aunt

Wyant Vanderpool He was the 2nd great grandfather of husband stepdaughter of 2nd cousin 3x removed

Harold Arthur Littlefield WWII

Harvey Nuten Propst WWI husband of my 2nd great Aunt

My first cousin 2x removed

These are only a few brave ancestors who stopped their lives for years to go fight with the understanding they may never return home or see their loved ones again. 
That's a scary ordeal.

Because they gave their lives for me
I will say The Pledge of Allegiance to our FLAG, I will treat it with respect and I will shake hands with every man that wears a uniform serving our Country and thank them. 

Joseph Arthur Lile Spanish American War he was 21

John Porter Couch 2nd Great Uncle Serviced in WWI

James Baird Couch my 2nd Great Grandfather Civil War

Baxter McKnight

Capt. William Wheeler Woodworth

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