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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Nellie Viola Custer

Miss Nellie Viola Custer was born 13 Dec 1901 in Clinton, PA
on 16 Oct 1922 in New Cumberland WV she married Thomas Burns Purdy who was born 1 Dec 1869 in Clinton, PA

They had four children: all girls

Elsie Odell
Edna Blanche
Fannie Mae
Mable Phyllis

Nellie died on 15 Feb 1972 in Monaca, PA
Thomas Burns Purdy died in 1949

They both had other spouses He had one that died before they were married and she married after his death.

Thomas Burns Purdy and first wife she might have died in childbirth, but I have not confirmed this as of yet. 

Nellie's parents were 
Clarence P Custer born 2 Apr 1870 in Clinton, PA, died 22 Apr 1959 in PA
Martha E Spruger born 9 Nov 1879 in PA,
died 9 May 1928 in PA.
They were married on 4 Apr 1901 in Clinton, PA
They had 6 children

I have not found any connection between my Custer line and Gen George Armstrong Custer.

But I shall continue to dig.

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