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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Friend Of A Friend SGRO Line

Ralph Sgro came to America in 1901 from his beloved and beautiful Country San Vito, Bari Puglia, Italy where he was born on 19 Sep 1890 Father is unknown at this time and the only information we have on his mother is her name Elenora Maria Ciraco. 

Ralph started singing in the choir at church and became  a well known Opera singer. 

San Vito, Italy

The route he took to America
In 1950 he made a trip back home and sailed on the SS Conte Biancamano

Dining room on SS Conte Biancamano

Passenger list 1950 SS Conte

Departing from America heading to Italy 1950 on the 

He flew to Italy this time

I believe he went back to Italy these two times for the death of his parents. I of course, can not prove this theory at this time and I can not seem to find any records.

He flew on TWA

He was devoted to his church and he traveled frequently to sing in Opera, plays, shows.

Ralph died Aug 1970 possible in New York City. He was 79 years old.

If anyone has more information please post a comment or contact me.
Thank you ever so much.

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