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Monday, September 19, 2016

They Were Pioneer Women Part 2

The pioneer women in our family were tough as nails. I remember my grandmother telling me the story of how her mother after the death of her husband had to sell of the farm in Nebraska and move the family to Sioux City, IA by covered wagon in the early 1900's. She was 6 months pregnant with her 7th child. 
I have moved across the United States many times as a child growing up and it wasn't always easy. But with that said, we had a vehicle and a U-Haul.
Can you imagine packing up a covered wagon  for a trip that could last months or even longer? What would you pack? Almost no furniture went with, only the essentials to live on and started a new house with what was packed.
I am amazed by these brave women who walked most of the way so the sick or so children so ride in the wagon because there was no room. 
When you and sometimes if  you made it to the final destination you would set up camp once again until the husband and you could cut enough timber to build shelter. Most of the time the first was just that a 2 room shack.
Then you would have clear and area for your crops, build a barn for the animals and a corral.
That's an amazing amount of work to by hand.
I solute my Pioneer Ancestors for all they did.
Minnie Sophia Small's School House
She was born in 1868 in St Charles, MN

Elizabeth Jane Vance was born in Boston in 1845 she married Morris T Briggs and they moved to Whitehall, WI in the 1870's

Nancy Smith was born in 1817 in TN She married Moses James Vanderpool and in the 1840's they hit the trail for Grundy Co MO

Nellie Custer born 9 Sep 1881 in Millwood, WV

Phyllis Sarah Talbot born 27 Dec 1838 in England  Came to America and Married Thomas C Barr and they traveled to MN

Phoebe Ann Whiting born on 16 Oct 1846 in England Traveled to Iowa married Frank Ham in 1867 

Julia Francis Alexander was born in 1866
Our Female ancestor's were strong stubborn and full of life They all went through so much. Most of them had their faith to turn to during troubled times. They fought hard for their families and principles. I am proud of each and everyone of them, God Bless them all. 

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