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Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Harcey Story

William Harcey was born in Ireland in 1811 and died 27 Nov 1876 in St Charles, Winona, Minnesota. Son of William Harcey and Mary.
William Harcey Secretary  

William Harcey farm, Section 36, St. Charles Township, Winona County, MN., in the 1890's

On 02 Dec 1850 in Searsburg, Bennington, Vermon he married Mary Jane Gallup dau of Beniah Gallup and Sarah Sally Crozier.

19th century painting of Worth Post Office 

Beniah Gallup

Mary Jane Gallup

Mary Jane Gallup was born 07 May 1831 in Searsburg, Bennington, Vermont and died 30 Jan 1897 in St Charles, Winona, Minnesota.

They had 4 children:

Thomas Edwin Harcey

Otis L Harcey
Frank Beniah Harcey

Estella M Harcey

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