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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

2 Peter's Lines

I have Two Peter's Lines. They are on my Paternal side.
One line is Nellie Peters who married William Kubberness (Adoptive Dad's Uncle) my dad's adopted family. 
Then there is his biological side Dorothy Mary Peter's (His Biological Mom).

Is this a coincidence or are they some how related??? A mystery I want to solve. 

My dad was born 17 July 1935 in Hills, MN. The story told to me by his mother's sister Catherine is as follows. Dorothy got pregnant with him while in her Senior year of high school and her family sent her to live with friends in Hills, MN the lady was a nurse. No one seems to know who the father is. 

Here's a copy of his adoption paper's


He was almost a year old when adopted from the children's home. I understand it takes a while to adopt a child. My question is how did Fred & Ruth find out about my dad? 

Now Miss Nellie Irene Peters born 08 Sep 1889 in Cherokee, Cherokee, Iowa. My grandmother Ruth Converse Kubberness was born 06 Jan 1897 in Aurelia, Cherokee, Iowa another Coincidence?

Nellie married  "William" Wilhem John Kubbernus Frederick William Kubberness Brother. Coincidence? 

Ok let's discuss Dorothy Peter's line. 

Dorothy Mary Peters

Dorothy Mary Peters
BIRTH 13 JUN 1914 • Sheridan, Wyoming
DEATH 06 JAN 1989 • Merced, California

Her Parents were Martin Richard Peters and Louise Sack in 1930 they lived in Edgmont, SD. 
While Fred and Ruth Kubberness lived in Arlington, SD

I feel there is a connection somewhere between these families and that my dad's adoptive family is blood. Only time will tell as I continue to do my research and find that missing link.

What's even more amazing is she died in Merced, CA
We lived not to far from there when I was a pre-teen.

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