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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Louisa Gribling- Becker

Who was Louisa Gribling????

Louisa Gribling was born in 1842 in Coblenz, Saxony, Germany. She married Peter Joseph Becker in 1867. They had 11 children in 18 years. She died in August 1901 in Kansas City, Kansas, at the age of 59.

she was 13 years old when she came to America in 1855

Louisa Gribling, who settled in Shannon in 1880, was among 1.4 million Germans who came to the United States during the 1880s.

Her children:
William b. 1870
Amela b. 182
  • Elizabeth 1872-1959
  • Dora 1874-1900
  • Emma b.1875
  • Carrie 1875-1964
  • Augusta b. 1879
  • Ida b.1881
  • Albert b.1883
  • Bertha b 1886
  • Henrietta b. 1888

Unfortunately I haven't found any family stories about her and her family.

Was she a good cook? Did she sew for all 11 children??? What chores did she do daily??? What were family holidays like???? What were their traditions?? 

I may never get any answers to these questions but I do know she had to be a strong a women in her day.

Here's some photo's I came across of her family and husband.

Elizabeth Becker -Stauffer

In doing research on this lady I couldn't find one photo, not even of her grave.
It compels me to do more investigating. I shall find something for others to share in my family tree.

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