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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ann Sothern: North Dakota Women's Series

Ann Sothern was absolutely a very glamorous dame (As they would say back then). She was born Harrette Arlene Lake on 22 Jan 1909 in Valley City, ND. She was married twice and had one child. She died 15 Mar 2001 in Ketchum, ID. She was 92 years old.

She was married twice and had a daughter.

I had a hard time picking out which photo's I wanted to post of her, they are all so delicious.

Her career took off as an extra in 1927. Originally a redhead like "I Love Lucy" she bleached her hair blonde and became a bombshell. After working for MGM and Broadway she signed on with Columbia Pictures for Lets Fall in Love in 1933, the following year she stared in Kid Millions 1934. Columbia dropped her after running several "B" movies, in 1938 she left RKO after doing Trade Winds which got her a contract with MGM and she made several more movies and then in 1958 her own show, The Ann Sothern Show, it ran until 1961.

She was close friends with Lucille Ball, here's a wonderful link all about them.

I enjoyed this link so much I just know you will too.

Now enjoy the photo's I picked of this strikingly beautiful Gal.

Abyssinia ( 1930's slang for I will be seeing you)

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