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Monday, April 13, 2015

Motivated Monday

I just heard my 2nd Cousin Betty Jean Stark, who's also a motivated genealogist, is coming my way in June. So I need to get motivated and get some research questions ready to ask her, and hopefully do a video interview. There aren't many relatives left on this branch and I need to make sure to exhaust all avenues.

Betty Jean is my mom's first cousin and lives in Arizona. My grandmother would ship my mom off to the farm during the Summer months and she would spend the time with her cousins doing chores and playing. She was even given a baby lamb, but it got bunches up in the barbwire fence and died.

I know Betty Jean spent some time with my Uncle Ray (My mom oldest Brother), even though Uncle Ray wrote a biography of his life I would like to know from her what it was like living with him.

I of course will ask about her employments and having children.

I have a notebook ready to fill with all the questions in my mind. I hope I don't forget anything or think of something afterwards UGH....

Happy Treasure hunting fellow genealogist's 


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