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Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Cousin's Corner- Anna Noel

I have an awesome cousin, Anna Noel!!!!

Anna Lives and works in Moscow, Russia, She is a very special LADY!!! She is very adventurous and has been to Africa on Safari a few times.

Anna Marie Noel

  She is loving and giving and has a heart of gold. I am very blessed to have her as my COUSIN!


I have been tracing the Noel line for Anna for several years and have just recently started printing it out. It's taking a long time because there's a lot of information and I want everything in order and correct before binding it and sending it off to her.

I am still trying Anna thank you for your patience.

Steph and Anna Sisters in Istanbul

I have a daughter I named Annastacia Marie after my beautiful COUSIN Anna. I spelled Annastacia this way so Anna's name would be in it. Growing up in Stockton, CA in the 70's I met this side of my family and I was so excited to know I had so many cousin's it was like having sister's that I did not have being raised with two little brother's.

Anna has 10 siblings I would think that would be a great gift from God.

Anna I honor you in this blog and hope you always have happiness and love in your heart. Love you so much.

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