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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Jonanna Wilhemina Hamp

Johanna Wilhelmina Hamp was my Great-Grandmother, who died from complications in child birth. She was born 1 March in Levin, Melchin, Germany, and died 21 Feb 1896 in Pecatonica, IL. She married 7 Feb 1873 in Levin. To Johann Frederick Theodor Kubbernus.

They Had 8 children and lived their last years in a beautiful Town, Pecatonica, Illinois. My mom and I made a trip there and found all kinds of information on this family plus some graves. The cemetery there is awesome, it's stones are so unique.

I wonder why the youngest child Anna never married? She died in 1969 in Santa Rosa, CA and was buried in Arlington, SD

Wilhelmina's (Minnie as she was called) Grave in Pecatonica, IL

Johann Frederick Kubbernus & wife Wilhelmina Hamp

They came to America from Germany in 1888 with 7 children, one being born in America. How brave yet scary. I wonder what her thoughts were as they boarded the ship and what was the journey like? How did it feel to get off the ship and be here in America in 1888?

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