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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Yancey Line

As I do my research I find myself amazed at how advanced technology has become. I wonder what my ancestor's would say or do with all the modern conveniences of today. Would they be shell shocked or amazed as I am.

I believe most things are wonderful for our society today, but something's I have noticed are getting lost. Like letter writing and book reading, cursive hand wringing isn't even taught in schools anymore. I have had to teach my grandson Christopher how to sign his name. He is only 7 years old but I learned in Kindergarten.

My 4th Great-Grandmother Francis Yancey was born in 1769 in Culpeper, VA and died 1794 in Kentucky. She married Augustin Cowne on 2 Jan 1789 in Culpeper County, VA

What kinds of things did she do?
What was a typical day like for her?
Did she sew? Did she milk a cow? Bake?

Sometimes I wish I had a time machine or a crystal ball, so I could watch and record everything my ancestor's did. That would be so awesome.

Because I don't know much about Frances I have become more aware of documenting everything my family that's still living does. I know they must get sick on me always asking questions like what Chapter of the Eagles do you belong, or quilting guild? But I am trying to insure my future generations have tons of information on us when we have be gone for over 50 or 100 years.

Frances parents were John Yancey and Susannah Coleman.  He was born in 1734 in Culpeper, VA and died in 1825 in Todd, KY, She was born in 1748 in Culpeper, VA and died there in 1799 they had 7 children.

How did they provide for all those children? And did Susannah sew their clothes?

So many questions and very little answers. Guess some will never be answered but some treasures are hidden and I will have to become a great researcher to find the gems.

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