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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Helping Hand The Robinson Line

I love to help my friends and co-workers find their family history. I have recently helped Alexis with her and this is what I have discovered.

Her grand parents on her mothers side.

Ralph Robinson born 24 May 1927, died 4 May 2004 in Lisbon, Ransom, ND burial Mandan Veterans Cemetery Mandan, ND.

Mandan Veterans Cemetery
His wife was Marcella Brunelle born 17 Mar 1929 in Horace, Cass, ND. died 2006 in Bismarck, Burleigh, ND Her parents were Leopld M brunelle and Flora Cossette.

Ralph's parents were)

John Elmer Robinson born 30 Jan 1879 in IL, died 4 Feb 1946 in ND. Buried Berthold, Ward, ND.

Married Mary Catherine Braucher born 21 Sep 1883 in Stark County, OH, died 1969 (Parents Thomas Alton Braucher and Catherine Emma McElhinney).

Children from this marriage:

1) Ivan C Robinson born abt 1905 in Nebraska
2) Merrill Robinson born abt 1909 in North Dakota
3) Isabell Catherine Robinson born abt 1911 in North Dakota
4) Katherine I Robinson born abt 1911 in North Dakota
5) Pearl N Robinson born abt 1913 in Nebraska
6) Ada M Robinson born abt 1916 in North Dakota
7) Emma Jeanette Robinson born 12 Oct 1917 in Berthold, Ward, ND died 3 Mar 2008 in Albany, Linn, OR

8) Thomas W Robinson born abt 1919 in North Dakota
9) Tamar W Robinson born abt 1920 North Dakota
10) Ralph Robinson

John Elmer Robinson's parents:

Christopher Robinson born Apr 1844 in Ireland, died 3 Dec 1922 in Decatur, Macon, IL. He arrived in America in 1850, was a carpenter and flagman.

Married 1870 to Emma C Miller born Dec 1850 in Germany. (2nd wife Sarah)

Their Children:

1) Ethelda M Robinson born abt 1871 in Illinois
2) Bertha Robinson  born abt 1873 in Illinois, died 13 Oct 1960 in Santa Barbara, CA married Louis J Glasgow.
3) Rebecca Robinson born abt 1876 in Illinois
4) Wenona born abt 1878 in Illinois
5) John Elmer Robinson
6) Clara Robinson born Mar 1883 in Illinois
7) Ferne Robinson born Jun 1887 in Illinois

Christopher Robinson's Parents

Joseph Robinson born abt 1815 in Ireland, died 13 Jan 1890 in Decatur, Macon, IL, married Rebecca McFarland born 1815 in Tyrone, Ireland arrived in Philadelphia, PA at age 27
died 1880 in Decatur, Macon, IL


Their Children:

1) Elizabeth Jane Robinson born 1838 in Tyrone, Ireland, died 21 Dec 1942 in Decatur, Macon, Il
2) Joseph C Robinson born 10 Nov 1840 in Tyrone, Ireland, died 20 Feb 1921 in Decatur, Macon, IL, married 1861 in Philadelphia, Pa to Sarah Alcorn. He arrived in America 10 Apr 1860 Philadelphia, PA.
3) Christopher Robinson

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