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Monday, February 10, 2014

William James Daw

Husband of wife of 2nd cousin 4x removed

William James Daw
born 28 May 1862 Michigan
died 15 Aug 1889 Elk Rapids, Artrim, MI

He was married 10 Nov 1884 Elk Rapids, Artrim, MI
Flora Sophia Case born 29 Jun 1867 in Elk Rapids, Artrim, MI, died 30 Apri 1947 in Oroville, Okanogan, WA.
She was married 4 times.
Flora Sophia Case

 1750-1759 Fillmore St, San Francisco, California One of the places Flora lived
Flora Sophia Case and daughter Jeanette
 1912 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA where Flora once lived

Flora Sophia Case

1273 46th Ave, San Francisco, California where Flora once lived.

1) Robert William Daw born 27 Aug 1885 in MI died 5 Feb 1980 in Williamsburg, MI

2)  Jeanetta Agnes Daw born 23 Oct 1887 in Michigan

 Jeanetta Agnes Daw and husband Ethel Fears
 Jeanetta Agnes Daw


Jeanetta Agnes Daw and Last husband she was married 3 times

She died 1 Oct 1975 in Saratoga, CA

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