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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Marguerite Diefenbach

My Mother-in-law of grandson of my 2nd Great-Grandfather

Marguerite Diefenbach
Born 18 May 1890 in Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany, Died 30 May 1967 in Cherokee, Cherokee, Iowa
She arrived in America on 13 Nov 1895, New York.
She married Thomas Charles White who was born 16 Jun 1883 in Cherokee, IA and died 21 Jan 1968 in Cherokee, IA

Marguerite Diefenbach

Thomas Charles White
 Marguerte Diefenbach's parents were:

Valentine August Diefenbach born 3 Oct 1864 in Damstadt, Hesse, Germany and died 17 Apr 1946 in St. Louis, MO

His wife was Marie Dupree born 22 Feb 1867 in Alsace Lorraine, Germany, died 12 Apr 1902 in St. Louis, MO

Valentine & Marie's other children Margurite being the oldest.

2) August "Gus-Butch" Diefenbach born 17 Oct 1891 in Damstadt, Hesse, Germany, died 26 Jan 1932 in St. Louis, MO

3) Dora Deifenbach born 31 Jan 1893 in Damstadt, Hesse, Germany, died 19 jun 1981 in Los Angeles, CA

4) Henry Valentine Deifenbach born 29 Jun 1900 in St. Louis, MO, died 21 Sep 1958 in West Virginia.


  1. Hi, You have me curious as to which of Marguerite's daughters the grandson married. I am Marguerite's granddaughter and named after her. My dad, her son, is the last living member of his generation. So if I understand your first sentence correctly the grandson is my uncle. Marguerite (White) Blodgett

    1. Gus married a Nora no last name found yet
      Henry's wife was Ruth

      That's amazing thank you for sharing that.
      Make sure you gets lots of stories written down if he's the last.